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Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by DakotaGuy, Oct 1, 2002.

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    Hey I just wanted to tell everyone that I have just downloaded Netscape 7 a few days ago and this is a BIG improvement over their 6.x version. I have been an IE diehard because it worked like it is suppose to and is fully featured, but I have been very impressed with the Netscape 7. It is faster then IE for rendering pages and I like the improvements in the design. If you have written Netscape off try this one out, I think a lot of you will like it.
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    Yes. It is an improvement. Just don't try to use any of your plugins like Flash or Windows Media Player. It's a disaster.
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    it isn't bad at all, a little slower startup, etc... but it seems to render pages faster than IE... some plugins can cause problems but the basic ones work pretty well... i'm hoping they'll keep coming with updates, it has potential...

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    just use mozilla. its the same codebase without the added netscape bloat/advertising.
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    I installed Netscape 7 + found it much better than IE. I then thought, why not go all the way and use Mozilla (v.1.1)! However, it could just be my impression but Netscape 7 seems quicker than Mozilla.
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    I've been using Netscape 7 since it came out, and I LOVE it. The tabbed browsing is perfect - you don't have to go arranging multiple pages all over the place. Plus, it helps with pop-ups...if it's not in my "working" window, I don't have to deal with it.

    And on a Mac, you just have to Quit the program and disregard the pop-ups/pop-unders. Sorry Windows users... you still have to go close out all those individual windows ;oP
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    If you were using Mozilla (very similar to netscape) you could stop pop ups by doing the following.

    Go into the preferences, then advanced, scripts + de-select open unrequested windows. This will stop pop ups all together
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    I ordered Netscape 7 on CD 2 months ago...

    ... and it still hasn't arrived. :-/

    Are there any folks out there who haven't gotten their Jaguar yet?
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    FYI you can still disable popups with Netscape...

    i switched *from* mozilla because i found it was lacking in the features i need, plugins for instance... mozilla was a bit faster (on my machine) but the stability and features make up for it.

    i'd like to try chimera out, but i dont know... can anyone tell me if it supports the major plugins? and how to install it without compiling it myself? :)

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    Sorry, that option for disabling the pop ups is not in Netscape, thats why I moved to Mozilla. Its strange because both programs are based on the same code. Maybe Netscape will get that feature in a later update.
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    I haven't had any plugin problems with Chimera. Quicktime and Flash work, and also Java (I think). There are pre-built packages available at
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    you got FLASH running? are you talking about
    simple flash code or a serious all flash site?
    flash and chimera are NOT fully working
    at this point.
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    Netscape preferences -> Advanced -> Scripts & Plugins allows you to disable allowing webpages to "open a link in a new window", along with a couple of others (like hiding the status bar)... I always thought that was the popup disabler. Certainly I don't get popups anymore... I haven't used Mozilla in a while now, what's the popup disabling option called in it?

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    My mistake. Sorry.
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    Re: Netscape 7

    Yeah w/e netscape is slow, I only use it for composer b/c html gets boring. My site is
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    try chimera

    based on Mozilla

    Very lean, very fast, very compliant!

    get it from

    It's confusingly called Navigator on the launch screen, but as I say it is blisteringly quick and seems to handle flash and java pretty well.
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    My Bookmarks scroll so fast that I can't read them, let alone select an item! :)

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