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New 15" Higher Def LCD's

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by alexprice, Oct 25, 2005.

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    Today I saw the new 15" PowerBooks display. Its really noticable how higher the resolution is. On bootup, the Apple logo looks alot smaller. I think that the new LCD is an amazing improvement, something I noticed more from going back to my 1.33 rev.b PB.

    Problem now is... do I sell my existing PowerBook for one of these new ones, or do I wait a year for Intel PBooks? thing is, I think it may even take longer before we get IntelPowerBooks.

    Arrggghh! Apple has a way of making we want to buy every new revision that comes out.
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    How was the brightness compared to the older model?
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    It looked the same to me, I'm totally in love with it now!
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    I know!! I don't think the 15" is any brighter. I will probably upgrade and then kick myself when the Intels come out.
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    I think I'll be getting a new 15" in a week or so, and I'm pretty sure I'll be tempted by the first wave of Intel macs. Thinking back, though, people are still using the TiBooks and even the G3 PowerBooks! These things last and last. If I wasn't so greedy (or if my hard drive wasn't so full, or if I didn't really, really want to run Aperture on a laptop) then I'd probably skip this update and wait for the Mactels.

    But honestly, I really don't want to get the first generation Mactel. It'll have a lot of cool features that the G4 'books could never have supported (probably dual core, 64-bit, etc). And there will be a decent assortment of software available at launch from Microsoft, Adobe, etc.. But there will also be design flaws due to it being a Rev. A. design. And there will be next to no independent 3rd party add-ons. And there may even be slight stability issues (but I doubt it). Basically it will be a decent (or better than decent) Rev. A. PowerBook. I don't usually buy Rev. A. hardware. That alone is enough to prevent me from buying in.

    I say grab one of the last G4 PowerBooks, sit on it for 2 years or so until the Intel books get nice and polished and the software is all there, then make the switch with OS X 10.5 - Leopard. If you're going to buy a new computer anyway, you might as well get free copies of OS X 10.5 and iLife '07.

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