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new $20 bill to be announced today

Discussion in 'Community' started by Moxiemike, May 13, 2003.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Ha - real Monopoly money....:D

    I went to the US Treasury website to find out more and they're not any better on info. Its going to be today but there is no time associated with the release. I wonder if the Treasury building is going to have an event....

    and we can look forward to more colors

    This new $20 note will go into circulation later this year.__ New designs for the $50 and $100 notes will follow in 2004 and 2005._

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    Yea. The treasury site was pretty useless. I just hope that they DONT use colored paper and rather do something like the euros-- on white paper, or dark grey. Colored paper would remind me too much of bad resumés from Kinko's:rolleyes:
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    I'm a designer, and I know this is a matter of taste, but in my opinion, the American bills are hideously ugly and the Euro bills are gorgeous. Maybe Treasury is getting wise to the importance of pretty things.
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    Then again, and maybe i'm a cynic, but they prolly won't learn ANYTHING from the darn near PERFECT design of the Euro. (even the fonts.... drooool)
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    he he...so what happens when we leave one in our pants in the wash? :eek: ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, I think they mentioned that they're going to keep the same design (yuck) and
    'add' color - what ever that ends up being. Still no pics of the new $20 Bill....

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    Not so. You can see the bill now on CNN Money. It's gross. The colour does nothing for it.
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    In that case, they should have Apple's Aqua team on to consult. :)

    Realistically, though, I saw a statistic on a special about counterfeiting that said 10% of all our bills are fraudulent.

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    Mr. Anderson

    How uninspiring.....:(

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    I think it's all a matter of security, although I do believe they could do something about the actual design while maintaining a degree of "safety" against counterfeiting.

    sad though... :(
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    a graduated tone. awesome. lovely.

    The sad thing is I watched a REALLY good special on the US Mint. The precision and the design is fantastic.

    The treasury really is playing catch up.
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    I guess I'm the odd ball, but I like the design. The problem is staying ahead of counterfeiting! It's no longer like the old days in the movies with a man working to make an engraving plate!
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    It might still be rather dull, but it's an improvement on the current bills in circulation. I don't think there's any doubt though that they could have come up with something a bit more.....colourful.

    Will it look better when you've actually got it in your hand, I wonder?
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    Mr. Anderson

    and with the yellow/orange in the middle with the green on the ends - I'm wondering how it will look aged (after going through the wash in eye's pockets a couple times :D)

    And will the $50 and $100 have different color schemes?

    It might be a little better, but its still not great.

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    ha ha...lucky for me I carry my cash on a clip ;)
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    Who knows on the color scheme. But here's my take: if they DO bring in different colors, it'll look odd. It'll be hard to match up and while visually you'll be able to tell which bills are different fairly easily, I think AESTHETICALLY it will be a disaster.

    BUT if you printed the bills on white paper with different colored inks, and maybe even experimented with graduated tones (Euro anyone???) then I think you would have an attractive currency that would be visually diferentiated as well as aesthetically pleasing.

    I have some old silver dollars from the early 1900's and man are they cool. Almost iridescent, not green like the other bills but silvery-dark greenish, cool paper (almost gray-green) and a bigger size. Great for the 1920s but not revelent today. And i think this new design makes the bills look even more dated. Whatever though, as long as they spend. ;)
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    Here's a more detailed photograph of the beast. I suppose it's no worse than the old one, but the US government continually misses opportunities to do better than they absolutely must.

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    Ah thank you! :D

    new bill will take some getting used to...
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    Mr. Anderson

    You know seeing the comparison it really does look like its a fake. This will take a bit getting use to.

    And I don't think I'll see many $50s or $100 - actually, I never really carry big bills.

    Anyone here regularly carry large bills over $20?

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    I sort of like it. But it really doesn't matter to me anyway. Who cares what the money looks like anyway. I don't get much of it anyway. :(
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    i like to keep about $170 in my wallet wherever i go. I always try to keep it at 100 50 20 then whatever singles i have. Its funny because the girl at the bank knows how to divide up my check now and shes kinda cute :)
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    What I think is sad is every time something new is released in the form of USA currency, there end up being more negative opinions than positives.

    I liked colored money. I like the color scheme. It's too bad nothing is like classic Monopoly as duke --> Mr. Anderson gave mention to, but I would rather take color than boring white. Plus it doesn't overbear on the bill.

    The one thing I don't like is the donkey kong-like mug in the center of the bill.

    Has anyone seen the reverse of the bill?
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    Here's my rendition of how it should be...


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