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New Alienware lappy or "old" 1GHz TiBook?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by iPC, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. iPC
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    Hi all,

    I know this is probably not a fair comparison... but I stumbled across the new Alienware line of laptops; Area 51 Sentia.



    I am very interested in the Alienware due to its 14" screen with a res of 1400*1050

    Obviously we all know the TiBook (wish they would update it already).

    Does anyone here have experience with both companies? Does Alienware meet the service levels Apple normally provides?

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    Well what do you want to do with the machine? If gaming is your thing obbviously you'll want to go with the alienware. However if you want a great looking OS, computer, that doesnt crash when you start up WC3 cuz of crap video drivers, then by a powerbook.

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    Powerbook G5

    Yeah, it basically comes down to whether you want your laptop for gaming or general productivity. It's up to you.
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    also look at the size weight and thickness. The alienwares ae usually pretty big and often have desktop chips in them produceing more heat and draining the battery more.
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    Weight, battery, sex appeal... and of course operating system.
  6. Wes
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    My friend just bought a 2.8 ghz Area-51 it's great for games but it gets 1 hour of battery life, and just today he asked me, 'When is the powerbook g5 coming out?'.
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    Somewhere else here at MR I posted in a Matrix thread how I was at the pre-premier of Reloaded with my 12PB right next to gents and their Area51.

    It was odd as it was my 12PB that got the attention.

    Now, that's subjective and generally pointless, the Area 51 is designed for pure muscle for gaming. It uses a full P4 and those cusom chips. If you want a gamer for a LAN party - it's perfect.

    If you want a more general machine, the PowerBook has been rated the best - by PC Magazine no less...
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    Daveman Deluxe

    If I had the money, I'd get the PB for general use, then an Alienware laptop to take to LAN parties. I'd get a desktop for that, but I can't abide hauling desktops around. Too much to plug/unplug.
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    Powerbook G5

    The Area 51 basically is a desktop in a laptop shell...that's why it's so big and heavy. It's definitely the ideal PC for LAN parties, though, since it's quite a bit easier to carry with you!
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    Alienware 51M

    I bought this s*** hot Alienware computer!
    3.06 P4 Processor
    1 GB Ram
    80 GB HD
    ATI 9000 128MB!! Video Card
    Built in wireless
    and also paid the 300 bucks for the special paint job.

    paid my 3600 bucks waited a month for shippment. Got home was all ready to go.
    Turned this baby on installed a game said WOW! this thing kicks A**. I played my game about 10 min. HAD to TURN IT OFF!!

    Total WOW factor 25 min.....that is how long the darn batt. lasted LOL

    Reached over grabbed my 17in Powerbook played my game that I could not finish on my new laptop and there it sits 3600 bucks in the cool black Alienware box that it came in don't get me wrong this thing does kick a** for about 30 min!!!
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    Alienware 51M

    Buy the way I thought I would just let you know this thing weighs a little over 15pounds!!! I like to use it to do curls!
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    Daveman Deluxe


    Did it cross your mind to set the Alienware on a table and plug it in?

    It seems more like a gaming computer for hauling to college or to LAN parties, or both. A movable desktop machine, really.
  13. iPC
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    Sorry no replies before... no power on the East Coast :mad:

    As to this particular Alienware, it is a Centrino... (1.3-1.7 GHz with Intel wireless etc), most unlike the old Area 51 (portable desktop I think that one is).

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    Yes, I read this thread just now and thought it was waaaay too Mac biased. The Alienware computer is in the 'Thin and Light' section of their site, and it uses a 1.3GHz Centrino, not a P4 2.8GHz or whatever you have used. That is completely different and is just a Jobs-esque way to make unfair comparisons.

    My advice is that if you know how to use both OSX and Windows, choose the system that has the right OS for you. If you're only going to write reports, do some work on Excel, and play some games, then the Alienware computer and the PB will work equally well, as long as you can stand Windows. Personally, I trust WinXP, and so do my friends. If you trust WinXP, then consider it. If you want to use OSX full time because its better ;), use it instead.
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    When I heard about the power outage, I though you'd already went out and purchased the original Area51 - and decided to turn it on :D

    As to this particular Alienware, it is a Centrino... (1.3-1.7 GHz with Intel wireless etc), most unlike the old Area 51 (portable desktop I think that one is).

    Hmm. What are the AlienWare-specific specs? AlienWare is known for overgoosing their machines for game play. I didn't see anything about video cards, bus speed, RAM ceiling - etc.

    It looks a little like a good, but stock Centrino.
  16. iPC
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    Hahaha! :D "Wasn't me!"


    1024MB DDR PC-2100 (max)


    Intel® Extreme Graphics

    AGP™ 4X

    shared memory up to 64MB

    Memory Type


    1.3GHz 400MHz FSB

    1.4GHz 400MHz FSB

    1.6GHz 400MHz FSB

    1.7GHz 400MHz FSB


    Seems good. I will probably wait for a review or 2.

    WinXP or OS X - I can use either just fine. I also use Win98 and Mandrake 9.1 on a daily basis. Computer is just a tool. A means to an end. No biggie to me.
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    i really like the alienware's. it is just the support that bothers me. i like to be able to take my computer somewhere and have it worked on and talk to an actual rep. but unfourtantly, apple is really one of the only companies that still does in house repairs and you can talk to a local tech. personally in the pc world if im talking about that much money i would rather get a dell with the support.

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    Well, after ssing those specs, I agree with iJon. Those aren't really that much better than what you can get with a Dell or Sony. I would seriously look at those two.

    If you were really into games, I'd still say get the "Portable Desktop" Area51
  19. iPC
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    I like the style of the Sentia. The Dell's new grey with blue look is ugly as sin, and I have not had good luck with Sony.

    Plus, I like giving my money to smaller segments in the market (local deli instead of big grocery chain, Apple/Alienware instead of Dell, Nissan instead of Honda, etc etc).
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    hmm, dont really need support with ham. i understand your choice, i just hope little alienware service will help you out compared to the award winning dell support. but alienware makes a pretty kick ass laptop, hope it works out well for you.

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    Powerbook G5

    Perhaps the power outage was due to someone plugging in an electric santa claus (for all you Simpsons fans out there). I thought at first they meant the 51, too, but the Centrino model looks decent. It doesn't look nearly as flashy, either. I have to admit that the Centrino laptops have a lot of potential--I've seen battery life quoted at up to 8 hours on some models! Not bad, especially considering they have surprisingly wonderful performance and built in wireless networking. I'd still never buy one, though, simply because I like the look of the PowerBooks and love the whole Apple experience, there is just nothing that could truly copy the whole user experience of being a Mac user.
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    kind of seems like everything is going backwards. intel was always on top, but we did have bettery battery life. now they have better battery life and we have the g5 and are back on top.

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    If the computer's just a tool, and you can run XP or X happily, and aren't heavy on the gaming, then what criteria would make the difference for you? price? weight? software availability? something else?

    Because honestly, they're both perfectly good machines, and if there's no difference to you, you'd probably be fine with either one.

    Me--I'm thoroughly disgusted with the whole Blaster thing. I've got better things to do than become my own system maintenance expert and watch c|net or MS to try and figure out when one of the constant patches is actually necessary--and safe! That alone would make the difference for me. But sure, that may be just me.

    Back on the TiBook side, if you buy one now, you could very well be just missing the next round of updates.

    Really, if there aren't any factors that would make the difference, it seems a six of one, half-dozen of the other question.
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    I am sorry I got all you people upset over the post. If I remember right I never said I didn't like my Alienware despite what I said I am not going to let a 3600 dollar computer just sit there. To me a mobile computer should be just that mobile. I have the great life of being able to live on the beach here in CA and last time I check it was not a good idea to run a power cord out your house and across the sand!!! I have purchased a extra batt. and now if I turn things down just a bit I can get about 1 1/2 hours of life time. To me that seems fair seeing what it has in it.

    And to all the other people this is a Alienware 51M<---- not the new lines they just started making.
    I was just trying to let there person know that made the post to begin with what I knew about this line.

    Alienware 51M's great computers
    They are really heavy.
    They get really really hot (that goes without saying)
    Batt life is really lacking.

    And to the people that said pick what is best for you.

    I did :) I am one of those people that has to get the newest and greatest electronic thing.

    Oh yeah! I also love OS X now! Been a Windows guy all the way from my 386!!
    I also very much like what Windows has done with XP PRO (if they could just stop putting holes so that some 15 year old kid can get in my computer! :) )

    Ok I am going to shutup now!
  25. iPC
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    MSBlaster doesn't bother me much... the update has been around for a while now. Most Windows users I know ask "should I install this critical update thingy???" :rolleyes: I pay more attention than that, and I have a nice fast cable modem at home anyway. I have noticed more security updates for OS X lately as well. As it becomes a more prevelant OS, there will be more exploits written against it. Nobody is secure if they are on a network that has outside access. Heck, most internal closed networks aren't secure either. Things are still better than they were in 1995 when your PC (if you had one) was always getting virii.

    For me, it is a question of hardware. I know the TiBook fairly well, it hasn't changed much for a few years now (speed bumps and DVI aren't that big of a deal). Alienware has always intrigued me, but I have never played with any of their laptops. Besides, that green is just the shiznit for me! (I also love Kawasaki green)

    When is the TiBook being updated? Does anyone really know? Seems to me they should have done that a loooooong time ago. "Year of the laptop" and all. *sigh* Times like this I hate technology; you always buy at the wrong time.

    Thanks for the input guys/gals. Have a good one! :D

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