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New Apple Commercials

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by TheT, Dec 18, 2002.

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    I haven't seen this posted before, so I hope it's something new for you :)
    Just found it at Spymac (yes, my mac just went there by itself I guess :rolleyes: )...:
    Apple seems to have released some new commercials at their Mac OS X Theatre, put they've pulled them after a while...
    Of course somebody saved them, so have a look at them here !
    I haven't seen em all yet, but the first one (Zoom) is pretty cool. It doesn't look like a typical Apple commercial, but I guess it has been on their official site...

    <edit> Well, the second one (Jaguar on the loose) is really weird... I'm not sure whether I like it or not :rolleyes: All I know is that I want that giant X :D </edit>

    <another edit>Now I watched the third one, Junk Mail. I don't know, maybe it's good Apple pulled em. Same for #4... and 5 is not all that great either</edit>
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    Re: New Apple Commercials

    Does anyone think that apple does this stuff on purpose, knwoing one of us will 'wardial' their site and find them, and then that we'll post mad opinions on sites like this one?

    I mean, it's essentially a free focus group. We have profiles, where they can get demographic info and we comment on what we love and what we hate, etc.

    Hell, I would do it if i were them. Free (sorta) focus group. Word!
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    Re: Re: New Apple Commercials

    Well, thank you :D
    Of course they're doing this on purpose, or do you really think they publish something 'by mistake' every couple of weeks? It's part of the cult. And that's the reason people like me have to post mad opinions on sites like this. Word. :p
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    Re: Re: Re: New Apple Commercials

    Exactly. But I don't remember discussing apple's intent with this stuff at all.

    I mean, remember the inital iMac things?

    And then the celeb iPods....

    now this.

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: New Apple Commercials

    Yeah, it's all because of crazy people like us... There is nothing similar to the customer-company relationship between Apple-users and Apple Inc. out there... All those rumor and fan sites, i mean, Apple has to give us something to talk about!

    But I don't like the path Apple is following now, celeb iPods for one thing are okay, but if they'd actually air those commercials, I think I'd be embarrassed (funny, I know, it's just a company :rolleyes: ) Don't we all tell our friends how great Macs are...? How could we give them good arguments if whenever they think about apple, they think about a guy walking around with a gigantic X?
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    I love 'Jaguar on the Loose'! That's fantastic! I can't even put my finger on why I like it so much.

    Aren't all of the outdoor shots in that one in or near London? Should that tell us something about Apple's intentions? And can anyone make out the name of the trolley station? I think it says 'Greenwich & the' something something but I can't be sure.

    I like 'Junk Mail', too, I think it's very funny. I am alone right now, but it has made me laugh out loud every time he spills his coffee and curses and we cut to the happy music. Although it could use some more shots of Mail working in Jaguar to let us know how it works.

    'Find Yourself' I could do without, and 'Zoom' seems to have nothing to do with computing. As for the one with all the smiley faces - what the hell?

    Do you really think they're doing this on purpose? What exactly is their aim?
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New Apple Commercials

    that'd be cool if we were a "sXe" hardcore band! ha. time to get my X watch fixed......

    ehh, there's geeky ass pc people too, but they have all their allegiances split b/w dell, compaq, etc etc.... not that those companies themselves are what they love, but regardless, they have more groups to split up among.

    ahh well. i don't personally go searching around apple's site for these hidden things, but it's fun to see people that do. ha
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    Mr. Anderson

    Zoom was ok, but there was an IMax film that did that. On the loose was cute. The others weren't that impressive, not what you might expect from Apple, that for sure. The X rated one not shown could be touch yourself....

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    I found some strange thing in the "zoom" video...

    1. The guy at the end uses Sound Sticks :D :cool:
    2. He uses M$ Word :mad:
    3. The Title of the quicktime movie on his screen says "Power of Mac OS X.pdf"

    WTF? .pdf???
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    X on the loose was great, and I also liked the Junk Mail. The others were mediocre, at best.

    I don't know, I think Apple should show their computers more in their commercials. You know, being a computer company and all...

    However, I think that promoting the cult thing is great. It's almost like they're telling the world: "We have this great thing here, but you just won't get it, unless you GET it."

    Go Apple!
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    Re: Oddities??

    I saw that, too...
    I just checked, you can open PDFs with the Quicktime Player, so Apple probably used one of their Jaguar-X-logos and just opened it in the QTP, so they could add the video-in-video later with FCP3... this way, besides the title, it still makes sense... well, somehow. :D
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    that is san francisco

    <<<Aren't all of the outdoor shots in that one in or near London? Should that tell us something about Apple's intentions? And can anyone make out the name of the trolley station? I think it says 'Greenwich & the' something something but I can't be sure.>>>

    That is the Greenwich and The Embarcadero station for the F-line street car in San Francisco.
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    Re: that is san francisco

    Ah, sorry; see, San Francisco and London are equally far away from me. Perhaps it was the music that made me think it was the British Isles.
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    Re: Re: that is san francisco

    Yeah they are all simpatic... I like zoom one a lot, but these latest Apple ads scare me a lot!!
    Some of them are very dumb, and Apple put now on apple.com that lame Will Ferrrel S. Claus thing?? Someone from marketing department of Apple is going to ruin the whole company!
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    It was demonstrating what the Quartz Rendering Engine can do if someone actually used it.
  16. jg3
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    On the loose

    I could be totally wrong, but I think that On the Loose draws some inspiration from Orbital's The Box music video. Good stuff.

    But I have to say these videos are pretty weird... I mean, they don't exactly make sense as TV commercials, and just chilling on the web is weird too, with no context. Wonder where these will pop up next!
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    I can't seem to access the second website. Y

    You can imbed quicktime movies in PDF files as well as other web content.

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