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New Apple Print Ads Feature iPad Mini and Newsstand

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 27, 2012.

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    9to5Mac has pooled together some images of a new set of print ads from Apple. The ads show off the 7.9-inch iPad mini's Newsstand capabilities on the back covers of magazines like The New Yorker and Time.

    The ads tout that the magazines that people are reading are also available on the iPad mini in a digital format in a package smaller than the traditional print magazine size. Depicting the iPad mini at its actual size not only offers a comparison to the print versions but also highlights how the iPad may be better for periodicals from Newsstand than the full-sized iPad because of its smaller size and lighter weight.


    Article Link: New Apple Print Ads Feature iPad Mini and Newsstand
  2. Gen
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    love the negative white space! pretty cool.
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    Excellent marketing.
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    Too Much White

    Too much white in the back cover.
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    Simple yet effective marketing.
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    I think this was the goal.. to show how small the iPad mini's actual size is.
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    When all magazines go digital-youll see an ad for a Small Time Magazine on the ipad mini
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    I love it!
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    If you order one of those grand-spanking-new $3000 iMacs on Friday, they should at least throw in a free iPad Mini.

    But Apple doesn't do stuff like this.
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    I think it's better if they have a white iPad on a black page.
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    Jessica Lares

    I actually thought it was a bit small when I saw my Time Magazine today, but it actually is the size of the Mini exactly. It feels so much bigger.
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    Captain B

    That's some damn clever marketing.
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    Apple's advertising agency is ON THEIR GAME with these iPad mini ads!
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    Why does the New Yorker iPad mini look messed up. The left side has a gap like a regular iPad, the right side looks like an ipad mini. wtf lol
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    For me the ad highlights why I'd prefer to read a mag on the full sized iPad.
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    There's a black bar on the left side of the full-size New Yorker cover.
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    If it's anything like reading white text on a black background, then no thanks! lol.
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    Hey there new writer! :) Welcome to MR!
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    At least there is no mailing label on the iPad Mini.
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    This is by far the best iPad or iPad mini ad I've ever seen, even the best Apple ad I've seen in a long time. It's as if you're using it. But it still doesn't top some of the older ads, especially this VVVVVV
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    Off brand. With apple, black background traditionally means pro or new technology. White means friendly and inviting.
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    Classy. Samsung needs to take some notes. Microsoft too, tablets don't dance and click.
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    Meh looks kinda uninteresting. I'm sure they'll sell iPads like hotcakes thouugh.


    Lol true!
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    I am sure they already have hahaha
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    Not copy...lol

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