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New Apple Product = flatscreen TV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by paul800m, Jul 28, 2008.

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    Report in UK sunday paper Independent yesterday mentioned possible new product from Apple.

    Product is a flatscreen TV.

    Basically, as mr jobs said a few times when introducing the iTV (possible hint?) 'a large flatscreen TV' with the appleTV built in. All the connectivity etc in one box.

    makes sense to me, very apple. all built in, no cable mess etc.
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    The AppleTV always made me wonder why they didnt just go the whole hog to begin with. An AppleTV inside a TV. Then it would of made people go now that is pretty cool, instead of the frosty reception the AppleTV got. Its still struggling to this day. A complete set up would of won a lot more admirers.
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    monitors first!

    They need to refresh their line of Cinema Displays first!
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    I love my appleTV, but if I had to purchase a TV to get it then I would have passed and went with another media streamer.
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    If they ever did build this, it would probably be both beautiful and pricey.

    For what it's worth, I very very seldom watch anything (shows and movies) on anything other than my AppleTV apart from live events like F1 races.

    All my DVDs are now ripped to iTunes as well.
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    sounds very interesting, especially for someone like myself who is in the market for a nice flat screen tv and an AppleTV to go along with it! If they ever did do this though, i would be very curious as to how their tv stood up as far as picture quality against companies like sony and samsung who are dominating that field right now.
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    Sounds interesting, especially those who love Apple and might be in the market for a new TV. Thing is how expensive is it gunna be!! :rolleyes:
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    Not so sure about this, I just took my appleTV on vacation with us, along with an airport express. Would not have been able to do this with an appleTV TV.
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    I'd buy one
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    OP, Can you post a link to this article?

    I don't think this will happen because most of the people who would buy this just got an HDTV not so long ago. And these things will last for a llllooooonnnngggg time. Maybe five years too late, IMO.

    I do hope they give the :apple:TV a huge upgrade, though.
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    I would buy this for the bedrooms, but would stick with seperate components for the main TV's. If Apple did this, they would offer ATV both ways, built in or component.
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    Trying to find a link online to the article will post it if i find it.
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    exactly and that's why I'm pretty sure it wasn't released attached to a Flat Screen the first time
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    I'd just buy an ATV. The market for TV's is extremely saturated with very thin margins. I can't see Apple entering here. Maybe licensing the ATV software for use in existing manufacturers TV like HP does with their MediaSmart lineup.
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    If you want a "warmer reception" from me then:
    A) Let the Apple TV stream from every NAS - instead of only supporting streams from a computer that runs itunes. -> I think this has been already fixed with the "Take 2" software update.
    B)Include a BluRay Drive
    C) Let it do 1080p (and maybe DVD upscaling)
    D)Let it play AC3 sound from ripped DVD movies. (I think it's now only possible if you hack it.)

    I'm looking for a solution that can do the things above reliably, it seems i will have to get an Apple TV and a (second) PS3 for that. :( I already gave up on looking for a solution that can also record Satelite TV and probably will get a Dreambox 800 for this. So three new devices instead of one... :rolleyes:

    But not me. :D
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    They'd better not steal my idea!

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    That's actually pretty awesome looking.
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    Sun Baked

    Guess this would be the 50" LCD display everyone was waiting for. :p
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    i just bought a bravia with free PS3(which i will be selling for an ATV)
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    lol i dont think you can call it your idea with that apple logo on it.
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    Apple offering the :apple:TV already built into a TV would be a terrible idea unless they offered a standalone unit in addition to it. Everyone's home entertainment systems are set up differently, and some people (including myself) are very picky with picking and choosing the components. Having the :apple:TV built into a TV would seriously limit my options, and I would not buy one.

    Atleast I already have a standalone unit connected to my 40" Sony LCD, and as long as it does not burn up and melt down from the extreme heat it gives off it should last me awhile if Apple decides to forgo this option.
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    QFT... I want to have a panel/TV of my choosing. If I can't use my Pioneer Elite KURO plasma, then it's a deal-breaker--no ATV for me; well, other than using the current iteration of ATV, that is.
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    I'd buy one...I think
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    They shouldn't do this until they learn to create Displays.

    The current Cinema Displays are horrible. I can get a different brand of the same size with a significantly better Contrast Ratio & Response Time for $500 less. It's a joke that people buy these things. :confused:

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