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New Apple Retail Store to Offer 'Genius Lounge' Mall Kiosk?

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 7, 2010.

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    Schematic for Apple's new St. Louis Galleria retail store
    ifoAppleStore reports that a new Apple retail store currently under construction in the St. Louis Galleria may offer a unique feature: a mall kiosk in front of the store serving as a Wi-Fi lounge and check-in area for Genius Bar appointments. Apple will reportedly take advantage of a permanent kiosk being vacated by Starbucks directly in front of the new store's location to offer the feature, a first for the company.
    The new Apple retail store, which will reportedly be the largest mall-based store in the company's chain, is replacing a much smaller mini-store currently in the mall which registers as one of Apple's best-performing locations.

    The report notes that Microsoft has employed a similar "lounge" concept in front of its retail store in Mission Viejo, California.


    Workers laying floor tiles at Apple's new St. Louis Galleria store

    Article Link: New Apple Retail Store to Offer 'Genius Lounge' Mall Kiosk?
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    Wow, looks like this will be one of Apple's best retail stores. Makes me wish I still lived in St. Louis. And this, combined with the opening of the Nordstrom, means things are looking up for the Galleria as well.
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    If only there were Apple stores in New Zealand... :(
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    So, what does one DO in a genius lounge??
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    WTF!! In the article's story photo, captioned, "Workers laying floor tiles at Apple's new St. Louis Galleria store," it appears they are laying concrete-colored tiles over concrete. !!??!!
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    I thought the Galleria was having financial problems, but I guess not if Apple will be spending all that money to build a new store.
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    Cupertino, start your photocopiers!

    Oh, wait... this is a mac site. My bad! ;)
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    Sigh. Makes me miss working there :(

    Oh well.

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    I live in the Saint Louis area.. the galleria store is TINY! I always do my shopping at the West County location, but I might give this new concept a try!

    ....Micro$oft would....
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    **** this. What a horrible idea this is. As if there weren't enough 14 year old girls wasting space in the store to begin with. You'll see, the Starbucks is there on the blue prints by no mistake. Watch hordes of people lounge around that have no intention of buying macs.
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    So I guess Apple copied Microsoft Store's lounge thing?:D
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    I live in St. Louis and I agree with the post above. Tiny store currently that is outclassed in every way by the West County store. Bought my 2007 Mac Book Pro there though. That place is always packed.

    Excited to see this new store when it opens.
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    Starbucks replaced by Apple...
    The story of recent American consumer trends....
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    I live in this area. The Galleria store is so tiny and crowded. I normally do all my shopping at West County, but I would like to look at this store when it is finished.
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    The Microsoft Lounge

    I like Apple's idea. I live right next to the Mission Viejo mall with that Microsoft store, and I don't think they figured out what to do with the space. The "outside the store kiosk" is a failed MS concept that I believe only Apple can improve upon. Instead of making use of the space, MS decided to install 2 HDTVs, a few couches, and 2 Kinect demos (which actually looks really cool). If Apple were to re-route the traffic outside the store for the checkins and loungers, they might be able to save a lot of room in the store, that could be used for more displays. At my local Apple Store, the Genius bar check in literally takes up 20% of the entire store (and it's a large store), so this is a good idea.
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    I will travel to see this store.
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    Oh god, no. lol Apple goes through extreme lengths to get those Italian stone floor tiles. They're even rumored to have purchased the quarry they come from.

    If you have a minute:

    Keeping the people coming in for services like the Genius Bar separated from the chaos of the rest of the store is an excellent idea.

    So instead of having to walk all of the way through a store crowded with 14-year old girls on Facebook to check in for an appointment, it doesn't sound like these people will even have to enter the store, until it's time for their appointment.

    Totally speaks to the issue you're talking about...
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    Breaking new ground...

    MS must be crying at the Apple store opening rates....
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    They should keep the $tarbucks there and add an Urban Outfitters next door.

    Would it be geeky to travel the country or world to visit every Apple store? I think I would like to. :eek:
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    Apple needs to implement the person checking people in at the door to the lounge are only permited in if they are waiting for genius services.
    Permited entry
    1. Have an appointment
    2. Stand-by for genius bar
    3. In store new purchase upgrade ie: ram

    Otherwise no entry for the people who are going to loiter aka 14 year old girls.
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    ... they can buy the coffee machine... then it would truely be a Friendly Genius Bar.
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    Then everyone would be as twitchy as the 14 year old girls... :D
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    Blame Renaissance for that. Apple australia are still trying to buy back all the licenses etc.
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    LOL yesss... then our iPad would have to have jitter controls based upon the number of coffee transactions held in the account... :D

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