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New Apple Retail Stores in 2006

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 26, 2006.

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    ThinkSecret details a number of new Apple retail stores that have opened in 2006 as well as a number that are planned to still open before the end of the current fiscal year.

    These include a prominent new Manhattan location as well as a number of international locations including Japan, Canada, England, and Italy.

    The midtown Manhattan location was previously reported to be a new "flagship" location that will be open 24-hours a day.

    ThinkSecret also posted photos of the unique store.
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    Hopefully they'll give us Irish a dedicated store. I'd love a place to try out all the newest kit.
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    Don't forget Freehold, NJ!

    I'm pretty sure the Apple store in Freehold, NJ will be opened before, or possibly shortly after, end-2006. They're already under construction in the mall there.

    Here's hoping. I need my Apple store fix! :)
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    Is it just me, or is that new Apple Store BLACK??? :eek:
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    What ever happened to those Mini Mac stores?
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    I'm really excited just to see the new Manhattan store, I hear its supposed to be HUGE!! :p :cool:
  7. MLM
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    I'd like to see some Apple store's in scandinavia!

    Up here, Apple is something that grows on trees... We need popularity, and the only way to get it, is by getting known.
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    wedge antilies

    Never coming to my town..

    This is all good. It adds predtige to the Apple brand. The stores look very nice, I know when I was stateside I took photos of the three stores I visited so i could show people at home,as we ARE NEVER EVER GOING TO GET AN APPLE STORE IN ADELAIDE.

    Unless Apple would like to prove me wrong.;)

    Please prove me wrong.:D

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    Failure. Lower profits/sq.foot. Design flaws:

    *Bead-blasted metal walls are extreemly expensive
    *White plastic floor scuffed a ridiculous amount
    *VERY cramped
    *Checkout stations shined lasers into people's eyes from across the room

    Apple renovated a couple, replacing the floor with granite (which looked ugly with the metal walls) and adding a table in the middle for extra product space (making the store even more cramped).

    No more have been built since the original batch, and I'm pretty sure one was actually closed and replaced with a full-size store in the same mall.
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    Woo! No more driving to Durham like I will do today because my spacebar seems to be acting up.

    Someone mentioned the mini stores previously... this store will probably be one of them...
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    I'm pretty excited too... imagine how long the line will be!
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    lol same with me.. the closest is toronto for me.
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    West Quay Mall - Southampton, England :eek:


    End of the fiscal year, April 07?
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    I've seen this before

    Hey look! It's the return of the NeXT Cube!
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    What about HK?

    Huh. I really don't get why we don't have any here in Hong Kong. I mean, China's supposed to be a major IT centre of the world, and yet, I need to book an international flight to Japan just to go to one!

    Still, it makes it kinda special for me to go to one when I get the chance. eg. when I was in London on holiday for just a few days, I spent almost a full day of it just browsing around the Apple Store on Regent Street. I tried to leave a few times...but I just couldn't bring myself to do it!:( :eek:
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    Same here! Once it's opened up, I'm definitely taking a trip down to the city to check it out. I saw the basic structure being built a few months back. It does look HUGE, but that's just the outside. :)
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    it's a gigantic NeXT Cube.
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    Yeah, I'm supoosedly goin to the city in June... I hope its open by then. :D
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    Ah this is dissapointing, I was somehow wishing that the NYC Cube store would be open for me when I got there, oh well Im staying 4 BLOCKS away from the SoHo store!:D
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    Yup, they did this to the mini store in Carousel Mall in Syracuse, NY. Personally, I think it made it worse. That mall is so crowded it seriously has 3 of the same store in it, 2 of others, etc.....I think Apple should get a full size there.
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    :D Seriously...its a cool idea, but how many of us are seriously going to rush out and buy a mac at 3:20am? Is Steve thinking there's a tonne of us who are like, waking up in the middle of the night, panicking we don't own enough macs, and so rushing down to the nearest Apple store to pick up a new PowerMac before coming home to set it up, thus satisfying our thirst for another night?:confused:
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    Apple Store New York

    That is just the building covering.
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    Is it just me or did that sound like "We're opening another store in America, in Michigan no less! oh and the rest of the world might as well have some more too"


    But! They're opening one up in Manchester I hear. Which is good. No more travelling to the Trafford Centre for my Apple kicks.
  24. tny
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    Have you BEEN to New York? Do you KNOW the kinds of things they DO there? I can see it now - a long line of kids stopping at the genius bar to have their iPods fixed in between club hops.
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    come on guys... 3 stores in toronto before Vancouver??!! wtf??

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