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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by jdylan, Jan 19, 2009.

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    I stopped by the new Apple Store in Munich, Germany, and couldn't believe the location. Prime real estate, right in front of the famous city hall (see pic). It was crowded as hell, and I would have spent more, but that dollar/Euro exchange rate killed off any ideas I had. I wanted the new earbuds, but at $75 US, they were 80 Euro, which was $125 US! A little too much for ear buds...

    Anyway, here is a cool pic of both the city hall and the Apple store, a nice mix of both old and futuristic architecture.

    (Sorry for the low quality pic; I shot it with my expensive iPhone).

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    I was in downtown Munich for a meeting about a month ago and while walking back to the stop at Marienplatz, I couldn't help but think that the store just destroys the image of the older architecture that makes the city unique.
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    The first thing I thought when I saw the image was "what an astonishingly unique blend of the old and the new"

    So perhaps it adds even more to the uniqueness of the entire locale?
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    Yeah, I agree

    Yes, I do have to agree with you, but right next to the Apple store is a huge, 5-story athletic/sports store with a huge glass front and banners displayed everywhere, so while the Apple Store doesn't exactly fit in, at least it doesn't obviously stand out in a garish way. At least it is tasteful. Also, don't forget about that big bookstore across from the cityhall, in it's 1970's style architecture. There are quite a few buildings in the area I would prefer to get rid of.
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    but you live in iraq? or
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    Military Contractor

    Yes, I DO live in Iraq, but on a military base as a contractor, rarely go off-base.
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    ohh thats what i thought :p

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