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New Apple Stores Coming to New Jersey, Utah and Virginia

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Apple is planning on opening three new retail locations in the near future, reports ifoAppleStore. Job listings posted last month reveal that the stores will be located at the Station Park shopping mall near Salt Lake City, Utah; the Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center Mall in Woodbridge, Virginia; and the Quaker Bridge Mall, located near the Princeton University Campus in New Jersey.

    Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center
    Based on when the jobs were posted, ifoAppleStore predicts that the three stores will open before November, just in time for the holiday season. There is no information on exactly where the stores will be located in their respective malls, but additional details will likely become available as they near completion.

    During its second quarter earnings call Apple announced plans to introduce 30 new retail locations during fiscal 2013. The majority of those stores will be located outside of the United States, with the three upcoming stores numbering among the 10 or fewer retail locations that will open in the U.S. this year.

    Apple is, however, planning to remodel an additional 20 stores, including the redesign and relocation of its flagship San Francisco Apple Store.

    Article Link: New Apple Stores Coming to New Jersey, Utah and Virginia
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    Glad to see another Apple Store coming to NJ! :D

    I still remember when the first Apple Store opened up in our state. It was a long drive to get there... but it was a great experience as a young Mac user being able to walk in and play with all the new products. :)

    It wasn't too long ago when the closest thing we had to an Apple Store was a CompUSA with a small Apple section and non-Mac-savvy employees.
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    Apple Store in Princeton, NJ is a welcome addition and will definitely ease the traffic at its Bridgewater Commons location. :)
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    As well as Freehold Mall
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    question fear

    Yes please! I dread needing anything apple-related on the weekends, because there are times getting into that store is just a nightmare.

    Or maybe I just have crappy timing in picking the most crowded times to need a simple accessory
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    We want one in Prague!;(
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    Frank Gore

    Great to see another Apple Store coming to the central NJ area!
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    If they're building another in Utah, they need to build one in Utah Valley. Salt lake already has one and Utah Valley is growing like crazy.
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    The new Apple Store in NJ at the Quaker Bridge Mall will be located on the lower floor outside of the JCPenny and across from the new Michael Kors store. :)
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    I go to the one at Menlo Mall! :D
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    I can only wish! When I read that article the other day (saw the picture rather) Apple was the first thing that popped into my head.

    Apple hurry up already!

    P.S. I know we have have around 6 Apple stores in NYC, but Brooklyn want's it's own! Within our borough :eek:
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    I work at Stonebridge in VA, this is going to be crazy!
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    Which was the first one? Freehold Mall?


    That fricking store is packed like a sardine can. I live right near it and it's a chore to go there.
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    It was either Short Hills or Marlton. I forget which once. Not Freehold though.
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    First Apple Store in NJ was Tice's Corner back in 2001.
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    It was there? I thought the first one would have been at the Garden State Plaza. Either way, the Tices Corner (Woodcliff Lake), Garden State Plaza (Paramus), and Willowbrook (Wayne) stores are all 15 minutes or less from my house :D
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    Interesting they would put one above SLC in Farmington. I don't consider that a huge population area.

    But that isn't bad. They will now have one in SLC, Murray and Farmington. North, South of the City is covered.
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    hopefully it'll be located near my house.
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    finally! it's really good to see apple stores come to utah, it probably has the least number of apple stores.
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    Ah, that sounds right. For me I think Short Hills or Marlton was the 2nd or 3rd store to open in NJ. But they are first in my mind because one of those stores was the first Apple Store I ever visited. :)

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