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New Apple TV 2 user, few questions

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ubestbsteppin, Nov 23, 2010.

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    Just started using the new Apple TV 2 and have some questions.

    1. If I buy a movie on iTunes on my MBP, then delete the movie, can I redownload it for free like I can with iPhone apps?

    2. If I buy a movie on iTunes on my MBP, then delete the movie, can I play it on my Apple TV 2 without my MBP? (go to that movie in iTunes and click 'buy' or something?")

    From what I've been gathering, the Apple TV 2 can only play purchased iTunes movies if they are streamed from my MBP. Yet, I can rent an iTunes movie on my ATV2 and stream it directly from some iTunes server to my ATV2? Is this correct? Very confused!
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    1) No you cannot
    2) No you cannot
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    To clarify dsmproject's "no" answer on point 2:
    :apple:tv 2 only allows "renting" directly from the iTunes server. Purchased movies on your MBP must remain on your MBP in order to play them through the :apple:tv 2, as it has no permanent storage capability. How should you expect to stream a movie that's already been deleted?

    The first-generation :apple:tv could keep a movie on its hard drive, and allowed purchasing and download from the iTunes server as well without necessarily having a computer as a middleman. This is perhaps the biggest difference between the two generations.

    EDIT: And why delete a movie you've purchased? If it's for freeing up limited space, then you should consider getting an external drive.
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    What happens when you have a system crash and lose all your purchased movies/music?
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    As far as how I would expect to stream a movie that's already been deleted, I mean stream from Apple, not from my hard drive. I would purchase a hard drive if I needed to, but if Apple allowed me to just stream it from them whenever I wanted to watch it I'd rather go that route.

    I guess I just don't understand why I can stream a rented movie directly from Apple to my ATV2, but can't stream a purchased movie directly from Apple to my ATV2. It has nothing to do with storage space, as both renting and buying would require the same amount of space (just enough to buffer the movie).
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    According to Apple, purchasing a movie means you download it permanently to a computer or hard drive first. The license to play that movie is part of the movie itself; if you delete it, you also delete the license to play it, via streaming or otherwise. Apple apparently does not keep track that you have purchased "X" movie in the past for "free rental" streaming in the future.

    Rental is by definition temporary; when you've finished watching a rental movie, it goes away. :apple:tv 2 only allows rental streaming, not purchase streaming.

    It looks like you'll need to make a choice between the two methods:
    1. Purchase movies and keep them in your Library. More expensive, but allows unlimited viewings when you want, not only on your :apple:tv but on iPods as well.
    2. Rent directly from the :apple:tv 2. Cheaper per movie, but limited viewing per movie.
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    You restore them from one of your redundant backups. Once you've lost some irreplaceable data, you'll have those too. ;)
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    Doubtful that a casual iTunes user has redundant backups.
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    They should, that's the point. No excuses not to at the very least copy iTunes content to some DVDs.
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    Or get a cheap external HD and activate Time Machine, for those "casual users" that have a Mac with Leopard/Snow Leopard.
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    I'm asking another question here instead of starting a new thread. (Hope the OP doesn't mind).

    I want to ONLY play content from my iTunes library. Can you turn off everything else? Can you turn off movie trailers?

    (The reason for this is I don't want movie trailers playing, or to see any content that I didn't ask for. i.e. keep Hollywood out of my TV)
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    I'm not exactly sure what you're asking. Nothing plays unless you specifically request that it plays. Movie trailers don't play by themselves. You have to click on the Movie trailer menu item, select what trailer you want, and hit play. Same for everything else. You could even go into the Computers section and never back out of it again to the top level menus so you would only see your own iTunes library.
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    Off Topic. Had Commercial software recommendation violated forum rules.

    Account to be terminated.
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    Sorry for taking this further off-topic, but I've been using TM for a couple years now, and it definitely does NOT monopolize the drive. I've got one 500 GB USB2 drive that acts as the TM drive for my MBP with a 320 GB drive (had a 120 till I filled that one...). Since day one, I can access the drive in the finder, and use it for extra storage, and for things like backups of thumb drives. Of course, those things aren't protected by TM, and I do eventually run the risk of running out of space on the drive (don't we all...), but those are my issues, and not anything to do with TM.

    Apple recommends that your TM drive be 2x the size of the drive or drives that you're backing up, but that doesn't mean that you'd necessarily be using all that space.

    If your TM drive is large enough, it can certainly handle your TM backup, and any other non-critical (since it wouldn't be protected by TM) storage needs.

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    Sorry if the question wasn't clear. I don't even want the movie trailer thumbnail to appear on the computer.
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    I understand what you're asking. You want only the Computers part of the main menu to appear. You don't want to see the Movies and TV Shows rental menus or the Internet menu at all.

    This would be akin to going into iTunes and making stuff like Ping and Genius and Podcasts not appear.

    Unfortunately, the :apple:tv main menu is not that customizable yet (without a jailbreak). Maybe in future software versions.

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