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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Hoosier43, Jul 28, 2012.

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    So I was really excited when my brand new 3rd Gen Apple TV arrived this morning.

    I plugged it in and went to the movie trailers to try it out and the HDCP error came up. I thought it would only be an iTunes thing, so I switched to Netflix & it wouldn't even let me do that. HDCP error after HDCP error.

    After searching around, most solutions seem to be something about unplugging and reconnecting, but none of it seems to make any sort of difference. I was able to change the video definition to Standard & now everything works, but spending $100 for the box, I don't want to be stuck on SD, its not worth it.

    So I don't know if I want the answer I'm probably going to get, but what are my options here? I love AirPlay, it works great. Is my TV too old? It's a 4-year old Insignia 32in.

    Thanks for any & all help.
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    Sounds like you have the same problem as me.

    I have a Samsung R74 tv with hdmi, however Samsung skimped on it and the hdmi interface doesn't include hdcp.

    I had to find this out myself as Samsungs official answer was that Apple have implemented non-standard hdmi, despot the fact that the Apple TV works fine over hdmi with my other hdmi equipped displays.

    As such I feed the tv via the component on the Apple TV otherwise won't play iTunes purchased content due to no hdcp found when connected via hdmi.

    I suspect that your tv is the same as mine and simply doesn't have hdcp on your hdmi interface.
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    Try reseating your HDMI cable, and if that doesn't fix it, try a different HDMI cable. HDCP has been around for a while now, I'd think that the TV would support it.


    I'm guessing you've got an original first gen AppleTV. The current model and the ATV2 don't have any option besides HDMI.
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    So I went back into the settings and dropped it down to 720p, apparently it was set to 1080p standard & now things seem to be working. Could it have been something as simple as my TV being 720p, so it couldn't be set to 1080p? What does that have to do with HDCP?

    Thanks for the responses, the fix was a lot simpler than I expected.
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    Maybe a certain HDCP string is returned to the ATV if the TV is compliant at 1080P, while a different string is returned at 720P?

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