New Apple TV Not Imminent Despite $25 Gift Card Promotion

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 28, 2014.

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    Earlier today, reports indicated Apple's $25 gift card with the purchase of an Apple TV promotion could be an effort to clear out stock ahead of an imminent updated Apple TV launch, but notable Apple journalist Jim Dalrymple has said that is not the case.

    According to one of his famous "Nope" posts, Apple does not have plans to release a new Apple TV in the immediate future. Specifically, Dalrymple clarified to MacRumors that the company is not on the verge of launching a revamped Apple TV next week, but he does not appear to refute reports suggesting a redesigned box could come in later in the year, possibly ahead of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference.

    While the promotion led to some chatter about an immediate Apple TV product launch, the majority of Apple TV reports over the course of the last month or two have pointed towards a revamped Apple TV that might be revealed at some point in March or April. Bloomberg has suggested the new Apple TV could be revealed in April with a launch coming later in the year, while the Financial Times has just released a similar report pointing towards a launch ahead of WWDC in June.

    Though an updated Apple TV will not come in the immediate future, a launch later in the year has not been ruled out. It is clear that Apple is working on some kind of update to the product, with rumors hinting at the new Apple TV gaining gaming support and possibly a full App Store.

    Article Link: New Apple TV Not Imminent Despite $25 Gift Card Promotion
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    I don think the way the Apple TV is currently set up would change much, for what the product is now it is great, but if they want to compete with Microsoft and Sony in games they are going to have to do a full on attempt on this product, I can see an iPad mini type remote being the best thing, touch input so you need only one remote for everything, touch and motion sensing for games, Siri for games and control of tv, and maybe somthing like kinect for games, input, and video chat like the xbox. But just adding an App Store to the current Apple TV won't do much. Also maybe an attachment for the remote to have physical buttons on the side for more serious gaming.
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    Please no iPad mini like controller or something that attaches like the made for iPhone crap. Give me a Logitech Bluetooth controller if you want any sort of gaming to happen or don't waste your time apple.
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    Why should a non-employee be the person to make these statements?
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    Because he knows. And has an awesome beard.
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    Dalrymple is extremely well connected inside Apple. His accuracy is close to 100% -- if not 100%. Apple and its employees don't officially make statements directly about the status of specific products. However, it is widely assumed that Apple gives the nod to certain people like Dalrymple to disclose certain information.
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    They also use the people to put out false information to see how the market will react. It is well known Apple has done this for years. Sometimes to lower expectations and sometimes to raise expectations. But always for a certain purpose.
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    Lots of possibilities here. I can't help but wonder the impact of the Netflix deal with Comcast on bandwidth allocation. True AppleTV does Netflix, but Apple's end game has to be iTunes on AppleTV.

    Timing of the $25 just seems really odd if a new device isn't coming.
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    Or as a lower cost option, bundle a Nano sized remote?

    Only if Apple can provide cross platform movie streaming? Netflix has a strange hold on the streaming market because it is cheap and on every single platform.
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    Can't someone ask him about iWatch, Thunderbolt Displays, MacMinis, etc...
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    It's very sad to see Apple put their name on such a mediocre product. They should make it decent or take it out of the market, and immediately. Just yesterday I was using Youtube on Apple TV and I had to select the letters by going up/down/left/ritght with the controller, and it felt like I was going back to the early 90s, adding my name to the high score of older arcade games. And even those were more advanced.
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    Mediocre seems to imply at least decent. What is it that you want it to do?
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    Apple was Steve Jobs.
    Unfortunately, he is no longer with us and Tim Cook does not equal Steve Jobs.
    End of story.
    Remember Big Blue?
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    Have you not learned to use the virtual keyboard on your iPhone or iPad Remote App to enter movie names? Apple may be a great company, but even Apple can't fix stupid.
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    I don't see a new Apple TV coming until after WWDC. Certainly if it comes before then it won't be a sufficient revision to demand customer attention. A release of a true Apple TV "App Store" would presumably require a longish (two month?) lead time for developers to come out with noteworthy products.
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    Personally, I have moved on. Tired of waiting for a new UI. I wasn't looking for something great, just OK.
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    And simply not having some new UI makes it all less than OK even?
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    Best buy matched

    I am waiting for the new one like everyone. But I'm taking my old one to use in my classroom with the students. So I went to Best Buy and got them to match Apples promotions.
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    Mediocre? My family watches more content on the Apple TV than any other device in our house. And even though the UI is in need of an update, it is still better than any other set-top box I have used.
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    No gift voucher from Apple UK

    What a bunch of scrooges Apple UK are. Not only do we often have to suffer rip off pricing but we often miss out on special offers as well. Disappointed to hear new Apple TV not imminent, as I am hoping for a new one incorporating Airport Express functionality as well. My oldest (about 7 years) AE is giving signs of all not being well (I suspect dying caps in the PSU) and I just hope it lasts until the new Apple TV comes out.
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    I meant this is less than decent. They should improve their UI at least. Let people use a remote with letters or their iphones to input text, so that you don't have to go up and down when adding a search to youtube or other apps. There is also no audio connector, except for an optical plug that nobody uses. Searching for something with that little remote is worse than searching for street on early car navigation systems.
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    Oct 17, 2011
    Aren't you able to use an app on an iOS device for searches and other input?

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