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New ATV always needs internet to stream locally?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by 00Diablo, Oct 1, 2010.

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    Have a 40 GB ATV and love it, especially for lossless music streaming from my main iTunes library. I ordered the new ATV for my second home, where I have my iTunes library setup on a 750GB hard drive.

    However, I have no internet access at this place for most of the year - only during the winter when I spend most of my time there. I get by with iPhone 3G access the rest of the time I'm there (a few days a month).

    Now, I was able to successfully stream my own lossless ripped CD's and Handbrake converted video files from my iTunes library over my wireless network with no internet connection using the old Apple TV. Had no problems whatsoever.

    But all this talk about Home Sharing only and having to log into an iTunes store ID with the new ATV has me worried. Does the new ATV have to constantly be connected to the internet to stream my own locally stored files over my own local network?

    If so, that really blows. The folks in Cupertino need to realize that not everyone purchases their gear to purchase content through the iTunes store. The old Apple TV was very useful as a low cost, high quality music server that made a lot of the higher priced music server systems look foolish, and I'd hate to see that clean, simple functionality compromised by requiring a constant internet connection. I really hope this is not the case.
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    No, you shouldn't need the internet to stream locally.

    You use you Apple store ID as the link for home sharing, but it doesn't need to connect to the internet.
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    You can also still connect up to your computer the old way using the device and not use Home Sharing. It just makes it more convenient as machines join and leave your Home Sharing group. You configure each device, rather than each pairing of devices.
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    Is that true I was under the impression the old syncing feature has been removed.
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    You are correct, I'm pretty certain the previous post was wrong. The new Apple TV requires Home Sharing to be enabled before you can stream from an iTunes library located on a shared computer. There is no way to link the new Apple TV to a local computer unless you use Home Sharing. I have one of the new Apple TVs and since I currently don't have an Internet connection there is no way I can use it. Of course once you enable Home Sharing it may just work from that point on without an active internet connection but I have no way to verify that behavior.
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    Maybe or maybe not. Since you have to enter your Apple ID and password to enable Home Sharing it needs to link back to the iTunes Store to verify your account and that DOES require an active connection to the internet. However, once you have Home Sharing enabled it may just work from that point on without an internet connection. Someone with a new Apple TV could test this by first enabling Home Sharing and then restart both the Apple TV and computer after making certain that they are both disconnected from the internet (but still linked via your local network). If sharing/streaming still works to the Apple TV then the Home Sharing setup/verification may be something that only needs to be done once.
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    I haven't tried to restart my mac and apple tv yet, but it's true you need to have internet access first to enable home sharing. I have spotty internet and for an hour i couldn't connect to my local mac. Once my internet was active and i reseted appletv, i was able to access home sharing.
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    Well, I hooked it up tonight and indeed - one does need to sign into an iTunes store account to enable Home Sharing.

    So as discussed, the big question is - once the unit is signed in can you then shut it down and have the account remain signed in for good? Guess I need to take it somewhere and connect to the internet to find out. There is an Apple store in town and I just might go there tomorrow and have them do it.

    It is ridiculous to have to jump through these kind of hoops to enjoy local content, though. First disappointing user experience with an Apple product since I started using an iMac in 2006.

    For only $99 I can't really get too upset, though. I understand it is mainly an internet device. I will definitely use it for YouTube and NetFlix once connected. And I'm sure there will be an update or other workarounds developed for streaming local content without logging into the iTunes store ;)

    But all is not lost for now, as I was able to use the AirPlay feature and play music from the iTunes library on my computer through my main audio system using the ATV.
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    Yes, it appears I was wrong. I thought I saw an option to add computers manually as before, but I was mistaken.

    Kinda weird, since it would still allow pairing up to a computer for streaming (you aren't required to sync when pairing via the PIN).
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    Good news.. you don't need a perpetual internet connection, only when initially setting up, but you need a local network. There are some bugs in AppleTV 2 Software as wells as iTunes 10.0.1.

    1) Setup appletv2 and Home sharing on iTunes on your mac, and verify everything is working.
    2) I disconnected Cable modem, no internet connection. Airport extreme went from green to yellow.
    3) I could continue streaming and watch the movie, no problem.

    So far so good, then wanted to check if I can reboot both Mac and ATV
    4) Reboot mac first. Don't start iTunes, if you do, it will hang your atv. I think network connectivity checking have some bug. and iTunes 10.0.1 is buggy as well. I have to reboot ATV after mac reboot since atv hanged when i started atv first.

    5) Reboot AppleTV

    6) Start iTunes

    7) Your computer will show up in Apple TV, then you can stream as normal.

    Edit : That is once you pair, it remembers the settings. So you can stream even without internet connection, as long it can find each other in the network. I think once you restore atv or mac, you need to have an internet connection for initial setup.
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    Thanks for doing these tests. Given your findings I may try to get Home Sharing setup on my new Apple TV but I'll have to do it somewhere away from home since I won't have internet service here for another week.

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