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Discussion in 'Community' started by agreenster, Jul 20, 2004.

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    My newest creation:


    Made with my new G5. Oh yeah.

    Just in case you a newer version--more detail, etc...

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    That is amazing, brilliant work! Any chance of a short animation? :D
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    Well, actually, it's kind of ugly, but you intended that! ;) Great work! Keep sharing, please!
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    Cool! A gremlin.

    I'll be awaiting your next piece with great interest.
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    Unless I get hired at Siggraph this year (please oh please oh please oh please) I'll definitely make a short with him. I have some ideas...

    And its funny, I named the first image, "mischief"
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    It really is awesome, I can't see any reason why you wouldn't get any job you go for in this field, you are obviously very talented. Good luck!
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    question fear

    you are astounding. great work. please keep posting it. and good luck, anyone will be lucky to have you animating for them (although that little dude might give me nightmares) ;-)
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    You'd be surprised how hard it is to get a job in this industry. There are so many talented people, and only so many jobs for them to get.

    Even Jason Schleifer (talented animator who worked on Gollum on LOTR) had trouble finding work when LOTR wrapped up. Granted, I bet he had an easier time than I am...

    He's working for Dreamworks now.
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    thats really good work, as edesignuk said do you think you could post an animation of him walking or moving somehow?

    its great to see just how good an eye you've got for detail when you compare the drawings to the actual 3d model. getting a job for weta digital or something would be sweet!

    checked out your website too, looks sweet.

    good luck!
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    Mr. Anderson


    So what version of Maya are you using on your G5? You going to get Unlimited?

    Looking forward to seeing some motion :D

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    Yeah, me too. I've been working on and off for about 6 weeks on him and would really like to get some actual animation done. Only 3 weeks til Siggraph.

    I do have a DIVX avi uploaded just as a face demo

    He's all set up and ready, including automated bouncy hair (no animation required). I just have to get busy.

    Have you moved yet Mr. A?


    Oh, Maya 6 Complete. They must have optimized it out the wazoo for the G5, because it runs SO flawlessly. On my powerbook, it sucks air.

    I probably wont get Unlimited, really no need.
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    Very nice. I hope you get work soon as its a shame that someone as talented as yourself is having trouble getting a job.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Hah, nice - at the end there he looks like he's about to puke :D

    Moved, yes - but the furniture gets here on Thursday. Got the wireless network up and running a couple days ago(Insightbb). Once we sell the house in DC, I'll be ordering my own G5 - I'm getting ansty not having a decent work space - but all that will change soon anyway. Going to be able to get my drafting table back in my new office :D

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    Laslo Panaflex

    Very cool, it's looking good. If I had need for 3D animated characters in any of my projects I would hire you in a second.

    Keep up the great work, you will get a job soon.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Really great work. Good luck at the show.
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    Again, brilliant, I was gonna ask to see some wire frame stuff, always looks good :cool:

    How long would you say you would normally have to work to get together a fully fledged new character?
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    If working full-time, without complex simulations like hair and cloth, I'd say to design a character from scratch would take me 3-4 weeks. One week to model, 1-2 weeks to do face shapes/skinning/character setup, and another to texture.

    I started Dumpy late May, early June and finished him yesterday. But there were periods of days where I didnt do anything, and most days I only worked half the day. He was also pretty simple to setup, bone structure-wise. His face/mouth was complex, but his arms and legs were skinny and toony enough that I didnt need to worry about muscle simulation or blendshapes.
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    Doctor Q

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    He's great! Will he/she/it get a chance to star in your avatar?

    Do gremlins really have 4 fingers on each hand yet only 3 toes on each foot? I haven't seen one at a zoo or in the wild, so I don't know.

    Do you already have an idea for the mischief he'll get into when you animate him? Do you need (probably lame) suggestions?

    I think Mischief would be a better name for the character than Dumpy. It describes what he's likely to be up to, and that'll prevent him from sounding like an 8th pal for Snow White.

    The first image (dumpy_mischief) is pixelated around the eyes and feet. I'm sure you know that but it would be nice to see it fully rendered.
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    Ha ha....maybe someday

    I'll take suggestions, lame or otherwise. Right now the story (in my head) is about this little dude who lives in a dumpster and eats garbage, and comes across a broken mirror and sees himself for the first time...see? pretty lame myself.

    I dont know what you mean? Pixelated? Did it load correctly? Do you mean stretched textures? (soft, stretched areas, often found in CG characters)
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    That's actually kind of funny. The degenerate 8th drawf, Dumpy. He lives in the caves the dwarfs mine and stumbles upon a mysterious gold ring where...*wait*

    Been done already.
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    Doctor Q

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    My mistake about the pixelation. The image hadn't loaded all the way in Safari (but it thought it had - huh?).

    That's a fine idea. Showing reflections in a broken mirror sounds like a good challenge for an animator. (As it happens, I've been studying the physics of reflections and refractions of mirrors and lenses this week, so I'll be glad to help you if you need to know the proper index of refraction to use for a mirror half-immersed in a puddle of water next to the dumpster.)

    I guess if he lives in a dumpster, Dumpy is an appropriate name. Or call him "Dumpster", which also sounds like a name (like "Webster"). Or is Dumpster a brand name?

    My lamer idea was that he knows he is a CG creature, made from pixels. When he gets hungry, he starts to pixelate - like the way they obscure somebody on TV to hide their identity. His tummy starts first, with the squares starting to show. He has to eat a computer screen or VRAM chips or a PDA to nourish himself and change back to his fully rendered form. Note: My suggestions are free and you get your money's worth!
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    Mr. Anderson

    That's actually easy, since the computer does all the work for you, you just make the mirror and add a few maps to warp it. The tough part is putting life into the character.

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    So Cool!

    Neat looking character.

    Would love to see him animated.

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    Neat! Kinda reminds me of a cross between Slimer from GhostBusters, and that guy in StarWars:Ep1 who owns Anakin and his mom.
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    Will you still post here when you're rich and famous?

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