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New Cinema Displays? what happend!!!!

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by umbilical, Sep 29, 2008.

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    hey why not new cinema displays!! I want a new one, a lot time without a new model!
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    I think there nice... But I guess they could use a panel upgrade, since all the competitors have for a monitor in this category. But I don't think you will see a design remodel, till the Mac Pro is redesigned.
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    Hmm... what's wrong with the current model? Beside it doesn't have HDCP compliance? Personally... I love my display, the Dells can't even get close when it comes to matching, co-ordinating the Apple's Professional line. Though I do wish Apple would produce a even larger display, my 30" already looks too small. LOL :D
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    Don't say that! I want to upgrade from a 23" one when the next model come out!

    I hope that Apple will release a 50" TV, to tie in with Apple TV. And put a HD tuner in Apple TV and I'll be satisfied.
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    While it could be updated Technology hasn't changed that much since they were last updated. The only thing I could really think of is HDCP Other than that there's not that much. Perhaps better panels.
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    HDCP, better contrast, faster response rate, more inputs (component, HDMI), and maybe an iSight (I'd say make that optional though, since some workplaces cannot have cameras)
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    I would think they are waiting until they can make LED displays work in terms of the market and pricing. They haven't shown interest in being more than a quality display to complement the Mac Pro and Macbook Pro and I can't see that changing in the future.

    I wouldn't get my hopes up beyond maybe seeing LED displays debut alongside new Mac Pros in Q1 2009 and costing more than the current ones at similar sizes.
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    I'd say price drops. Drop the 20 inch to about $450USD (about $599 currently), 23 to $700 (about $899 currently), etc. I'd like to buy an apple display...they're so pretty...but you can find good quality viewsonics for about half apple's price.

    EDIT I like the idea of new led displays as well. I second that.
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    I doubt the Viewsonics have the S-IPS panel that the apple and high end dells use. While they could make them a bit cheaper. I don't think it will happen. Maybe but traditionally apple has kept prices the same and just given more features however that might have to change now with the U.S. economy.
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    H-IPS, LED and 16:9 ratio Cinema Display would be nice.
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    No!!! If I loose any more screen real estate, I will start choking people.
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    16:9 wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. Nonstandard resolutions are the devil.
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    Yes, let's leave that to Sony... Since they want to make a big ass Portable HD BluRay player.
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    No, they are not.

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    What did I say? No one wants Cinema displays to have 16:9.

    H-IPS would be nice but it is really expensive and apple needs to lower their prices no raise them.
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    Except me.
    I still do not know why people are so afraid of it except for a couple lost pixels. So what, big deal.
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    I can only speak for my self but when i'm in photoshop I want all the realestate I can get. I love my pixels. But I could ask you the same question why 16:9 What are the advantages.
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    Agrees, I am also more into photoshop. But I can see the advantage of 16:9, for film editing.
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    I think Apple's design team has hit the brick wall with displays.:rolleyes:
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    Except for the fact that a veritable buttload of applications, especially games, would have to be patched to support the new resolutions. Not to mention display drivers, and very possibly the OS itself.
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    What? OS X already supports nonstandard resolutions (Try using a VGA cable out to a projector. Your options there are far weirder than this). And it manages it just fine. In fact, I can run 1920x1080 out to my monitor just fine, 1:1 pixel mapping through a DVI cable. It's a 25.5" H-IPS and it works great.

    Some games are flexible, and many could be made to support 16:9. After all, every console game does. Also, 16:9 nonstandard? HDTV, in all of its flavors and incarnations, is all 16:9, and it has been standardized for many, many years. Pixel loss, by the way, is minor. Also, the point of 16:9 monitors is to cram 1080p onto smaller panels, a measure I thoroughly approve of since right now 22" monitors suck - are merely a downgrade from 20" monitors in terms of pixel density and always use TN panels. Now, if 22" monitors adopted that aspect ratio in order to get 1080p, I'd call that a much better idea. I don't think anybody is seriously making 24" 16:9 panels, but if they are, it'll have an obvious use to video editors, as 16:10 is not used anywhere there.

    So, to recap: 16:9 is a thoroughly standard resolution and OS X handles it just fine. So would just about every application that wasn't designed by a company that doesn't know how to write apps (like Microsoft). Games could handle it just fine. 22" monitors with that aspect ratio gives them an actual purpose for existing.
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    I have no problem with the current models, but if I buy one today! and apple release the new one in one month by example... so I killing me!!! hahaha :eek:
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    Apple is waiting for OLED panels to become readily available and is cost effective IIRC. No way to really predict when it will happen though. :(
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    1920x1080, yes, that is a standard. I'm speaking more for the 20" and 30" displays, which don't have anything similar in terms of pixel density in a standard resolution.

    But frankly, I think it's the most minor possible issue with the ACD line. The crappy response times, mediocre contrast ratio, and third-rate input capabilities are what bug me.
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    and the abomination that is the brick and multi-ended cable they use (I'm on the road now or I'd attach a photo to show what I mean).

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