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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by whw5, May 24, 2004.

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    I just got a new PB 12in and I would like to use my old ipod with it. The ipod is formatted for windows. How do I reformat it for mac?
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    Don't worry!

    No need to worry. Your iPod will work fine with your powerbook, as the Windows formatted iPods can be read by both PCs and Macs. I have one of these iPods and have it formatted for Windows - simply because it allows me to use it with both my iBook and my PC.
    In fact, the 3G iPods are also "Windows" (FAT) formatted, which is why they work out of the box with Mac or PC. Just another reason why Macs are great - they can read Windows File Systems, but Windows can't read Mac...

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    If you want to reformat it into a Mac iPod you can use disk utility which is in your utility folder. You can format the iPod then download the most recent iPod software from Apple's website and install the software onto your iPod. Please check Apple's website for the exact instructions.
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    It is possible to reformat the iPod to Mac from within the iPod software updater - but I still don't really see the point, as you will lose all your music. If you just keep your iPod as it is at the moment, you will be fine.
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    I forgot to say that this is a second generation ipod
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    No worry - my iPod is 2nd Gen too. You won't need to reformat :D

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