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New Competitors Can't Measure Up to iPod Standards

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 1, 2006.

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    Largely a review of the iPods. I would say though that if you mean a click wheel below a colour dsiplay, you should either word or punctuate your articles better.
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    This is an article that all iPod killers should read. It highlights what makes the iPod so much better than the other players. It's the small things that count.
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    It will not change their opinion...actually it will not change their position. Opinion would suggest that some rational thought was involved in the process. That is seldom the case. There is a splinter group of individuals that always attack a winner. Just happens.

    I am dating myself, but I was in 6th grade when the Beatles 'arrived'. They were the talk everywhere. But, there was a small group that were always putting them down. I suspected they saw other's success as a reminder of their own failures. For some, it may be an attention issue; take an extreme position to make yourself the center of attention.

    iPods are extremely popular and have few issues. I would expect some people to be disinterested in any music player, or neutral anyway. I cannot see any reason for iPod bashing. What is the point?
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    You mean like Apple constantly put down Microsoft? Is that to hide their own shortcomings?

    I'd say it's more a mixture of jealousy, annoyance that Microsoft copied them and did it so much more successfully, (even if it was a bad imitation), and anger at not making decisions which would have put them in Microsft's position today. Add in the truth that often features and statements about products being better, cheaper, easier to use and more stable and several other smaller factors and that's the reason why Apple slags Microsoft off.

    Why do people criticise Apple? Various reasons depending on the product, but there are very few common arguments I hear that are accurate, (e.g. "You can't run Office on a Mac.")

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