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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Superman07, Aug 12, 2009.

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    Looks like a mac mini.. haha. Nice hardware, too bad it doesn't come with os/x... a more stable operating system from my long experiences.
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    it seems dell has been taking a lot of design ques from apple lately. Their all in one (imac), the adamo (mb air), and now this (mini)...

    We will have to wait to see what the specs and price points are though. Hopefully apple will just update the apple tv this fall. I think that if they added 1080p, and added a few apps like hulu, boxee, or netflix watch instantly it would be a huge hit. I think they will do 1080, but I just can't see them offering any of the other services as those would take away iTunes sales, but we can always hope right!
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    Chris Rogers

    Looks awesome on the outside, but it's what on the inside that counts :D
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    Not sure it's fair to say it looks like the Mini. Besides, it appears to be twice as big. However, I agree that the inside counts greatly towards the potential success.
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    Aside from being black it totally looks like the Mini...

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