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New Displays ?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by nicmac, Jan 10, 2003.

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    The 22" LCD screens seem to be shipping a week behind the 17" screen.
    I know there was speculation and rumors of a 19" or 20" new display at lower prices.
    I would like to see a screen that has the option to be connected to an articulating arm.
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    Re: New Displays ?

    Yes, I would like to see that also.
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    Will they all be in the wide-screen format?

    It would be nice if they offered both wide-screen and standard formats.
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    I seriously doubt they'll offer different formats for the same sized screens. If you look at the trends, more and more Apple products have widescreen displays, I expect this trend to continue. I believe one of the new displays will be 19" widescreen. Let's hope Apple improve the screen speed for less blurring.
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    Apple HDTV...

    In my opinion widescreen is a superior format. It caters to how the human eye naturally sees thru peripheral vision horizontally. This is very practical for laptops in terms of actual mass... it makes them more "book like" when they're closed and therefore easier to handle.

    I think HDTV and Plasma displays are all widescreen for a reason... it rocks! I hope Apple comes out with an HDTV...
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    Re: Apple HDTV...

    I never really thought about the horizontal vision thing, but now that I think about it, I see your point. I really like widescreen TV's, and I also think my widescreen monitor looks great too.
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    New 12"powerbooks have VGA out no Digital

    I am really dissappointed that Apple did not include DVI out for their flat displays with the new 12" PowerBook.
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    I for one am fine with apple not putting DVI on the 12" powerbook, its not meant to be a desktop replacement, or a screamer, it is a compromomise on performance and cost for the sake of portability. I think it is great, and while I would have liked more ram and L3 cache, I doubt they could make it at this cost if they made it "perfect" in our eyes.

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