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New eBook to replace iBook?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by iBookman, May 16, 2003.

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    I've been thinking for a while and I was wondering could Apple come out with an ebook (education notebook). Even though the iBook is what education has been using and is the affordable laptop. What if apple would raise the price of the iBook a little just like they did with the New iMac and come out with an ebook which would then become the affordable laptop for education just like the eMac is now the affordable desktop.

    This is how I would see Apple's computer line:




    *Prices I got from:
    The Apple Store

    What do you think?
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    Interesting. I've been bothered by the hole in the Apple product matrix for some time. You're analysis seems to fill it nicely.

    Perhaps there is a use for the G3 after the Gobi is introduced to the iBook...
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    Why would they make the iBook so expensive though?
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    I personally don't think it's necessary to add another line of portables. The low end iBook is pretty well priced, and now with the 12" powerbook the distinction between the consumer and pro lines is not as strong.

    If someone is a student looking for a laptop that is cheaper than the low end iBook, they can always go secondhand.

    Having more product lines means more fixed costs, and I don't think Apple would be into that.

    Just my opinion though.
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    The iBook at 1499 is exactly $500 more then the iBook right now. When they came out with the new iMac it was 1299 and that was exactly $500 more then the old iMac witch was selling at $799 so thats how i figured it. And i think i said 1599 for the iBook thats a mistake i mean 1499 I will change that.
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    There is no "hole" in the product matrix -- eMac and iMac occupy the same slot, to satisfy slightly different users. I wouldn't hold my breath for an eBook. The iBook is clearly the educational laptop Apple is pushing.
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    Thank you, the eMac and iMac are the same computers, it's just that some people, myself included, cannot afford to purchase the FP iMacs. The eMac is the same system with a CRT. It is simple economics. If you want pretty, flat panel, expensive, go for the iMac; if you want heavy, CRT, cheap, go for the eMac. And please don't flame me for that.
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    Sun Baked

    They are pushing the eMac and the iBooks towards the education market (the OS 9 thing) -- there's a good chance they'll just get speed bumps and still be around this time next year.

    Why make an all new machine?

    Just push an existing machine hard in one channel and let it die in the consumer market -- hint, hint, original iMac.

    I can see these machines around at least 1 more year, and anything after that is a huge stretch.

    But eBook is a better name than the iPad/maxiPad that people were knocking around. :p



    The eMac and SRAM iMac are NOT the same machines.

    Look at the block diagrams and you'll see the eMac is more like a SRAM PowerMac stuffed into an all-in-one box, and all the upgrade options deleted.

    Just seems like it's similar to an iMac to the consumer -- the reality of what's inside is another thing entirely. ;)
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    Yes, why a new line? The iBook is great for education as it is. If you need something cheaper than an iBook, then maybe you can't afford a laptop to begin with, or you can get a refurb. If you want to buy something better but can't afford the Powerbook, then get a maxed-out iBook. I don't see a hole, per se, but if there was a hole to fill, Apple could easily fill it by introducing a video card upgrade option when purchasing the iBook. Its simple, and could fill the entire price range between the $999 iBook and $1800 PB (or is that $1600 now?).

    So that could mean:
    12" $999 800MHz 32 MB video card
    12" $1299 900 MHz 32 MB video card
    12" $1449 900 MHz + 64MB video card of some type BTO.
    12" $1599 866MHz 32MB video card
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    Why would you pay more for a slower laptop with less VRAM?
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    The name "eBook" is already being used by Palm and Adobe. Sorry.
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    The only gap in Apple's product line is the one beween the G4 and the 970.
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    That leap was referring to the jump from the iBook to the PB 12". The 12" PB costs $1599. Although sometimes, I wonder the same thing. I'd buy the 12" iBook with 64MB video card over the 12" PB if one were available. ;)
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    Re: Gap!?

    Let's please don't start another thread extolling the virtues of the 970 versus the G4. If it comes it comes, if it doesn't, well, it doesn't. No amount of begging, whining, or pleading is gonna change that. Thanks.
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    personally, i think that apple's portable lin-up is fine...the ibook is a good price for a portable.

    i do not agree that the imacs should be labeled "consumer" models (even though they are). i think that "starting at 1299" is still a bit pricey for a consumer machine. maybe this wasn't the case a few years ago, but more recently we have seen major drop offs in prices of home pcs...especially due to a current poor economy!!!

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