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New epic citadel update fixes issues with ipads running ios 4 or later

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Liam8, Sep 11, 2010.

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    I just got the update for epic citadel and it says "fixes issues with ipads running iOS 4 or later". What do you guys think this means? Typo or has apple secretly released a beta?
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    Typo or has apple secretly released a beta? - by beta do you mean iOS4 for iPad sdk? THe sdk has already been released so developers can make / upgrade apps so that they work with iOS4 for iPad and support multitasking.
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    It's a universal app.
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    Thanks for reading the post. I said it specifically said iOS 4 for iPad
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    The SDK has been out for the iPad developers to update their applications. It happens every OS update. There is nothing new about iOS 4.x...
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    There is no iOS SDK, beta or otherwise, that allows you to develop for iOS 4 on the iPad, because there is no beta firmware or simulator for iOS 4 on the iPad. Developers currently can only target iOS 3.2 on the iPad.
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    question for you...How do your iPad and iPhone coincide? I mean I do just about all browsing on my iPhone 4 now, rather than pulling out my MacBook Pro. I'm contemplating getting an iPad (sell it when next rev comes) but feel like, b/c I love my iPhone so much, I wouldn't really use it. So, does your iPhone suffer from neglect b/c of the iPad?
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    Well, personally, my iPhone gets much less video, web surfing, and book reading duties than it did before the iPad. I'll still use the iPhone for those if in a pinch or if I just need to look up somethingnquickly, but for more serious use those get done on the iPad now.. I keep music on the iPhone, movies on the iPad.

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