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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by arn, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. arn
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    Everyone is now able to upload a Profile Photo of themselves in your User Control Panel.

    The photo is displayed when someone looks at your profile.

    Obviously, once we get enough users with photos, we could automatically generate a photo directory of those who have profile pics.

    I would ask people only upload photos of themselves and not just random pictures. Makes it easier down the line.

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    I think that it would be awesome to have a "Members Photo Directory." Thank you arn.
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    I'm looking forward to having some decent photos taken soon, so I'll upload mine when the time comes. :)

    We'll see who else steps up to the plate...
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    Doctor Q

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    Is the MacRumors Members Photo Directory, which is an index into the MacRumors pics! thread, still of use now that people can put photos in their profiles? I don't know whether to adjust the tags in the Photo Directory to make it work again under vBulletin 3 (a task in progress), to switch it to point at profile photos instead, to try to do both at once, or to abandon it as a no-longer-needed resource.

    I would like to hear opinions from other members. If this resource is still useful to enough people, I'll adapt it as necessary and continue maintaining it. If not, that's fine too. My feelings will not be hurt either way.
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    I love what Doctor Q has done (execpt that he doesn't have a pic! :rolleyes: ).

    I'm not sure if many people are going to update profile pictures and we have a great resource already in place...


    Try to get the thread to work under vBull for now... don't want to lose all of those images.
  6. arn
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    don't spend too much time converting... I'm sure it can be done by modifying the attachment script rather than doing it manually.

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    How do I put in my avatar? I tried click-drag-drop and it just opens in new window in safari
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    The only thing that stinks is that the image can only be 100x100. The Macrumors Pics! thread had large pics. Hopefully we can have both! (I understand the reasons for not hosting huge pictures on MR)

    I just cropped my pic from the Macrumors Pics! thread and made it my profile pic.


    Arn, no profile photo?? Hrm. :p
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    It isn't a simple conversion, the last version of the software it was just a modification of the script.

    This version is now looking for the actual attachement number instead of the link to the post.

    Such as Genie'd picture yielded a script something like ...

    Which no longer works, but that should be the post where she attached her picture.

    Look at the attachment id, and you'll have


    Look's like I'll have to remove my profile pic now. :(
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    Doctor Q

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    Suppose a member posts N photos to the Pics thread. Previously, there were up to N+1 images available:

    * Their avatar, as shown in posts and their member profile.
    * The N photos they posted to the Pics thread.

    The Photo Directory was presented this in the form

    membername: photo, photo, ...

    where membername was a link to the profile (where you could see the avatar) and the photos were links to the Pics thread photos.

    Now we have up to 2N+2 images available:

    * Their avatar, as shown in posts and their member profile.
    * Their member photo, as shown in their member profile.
    * The N thumbnails of the photos they posted to the Pics thread.
    * The N photos they posted to the Pics thread.

    (Some members don't have avatars, some won't have posted member photos, and there are no thumbnails where they posted a link to a photo at a separate URL instead of attaching it.)

    We can use the same form as before:

    membername: photo, photo, ...

    but we can also consider changing the Directory in a number of ways, such as adding links to avatars, the actual avatars, links to member photos, the actual member photos, and/or thumbnails of the photos posted in the Pics thread.

    Here are examples of some of these combinations. As my test case, I looked for the highest ranked member who has posted a member photo AND posted an attached photo in the Pics thread. It turned out to be everyone's friend übergeek. You can really click the links or thumbnail photos in these examples to see how they work.

    1. Regular:

    übergeek: photo, photo

    2. With a link to the member photo:

    übergeek: member photo, photo, photo

    3. With avatar:

    übergeek: [​IMG] photo, photo

    4. With both:

    übergeek: [​IMG] member photo, photo, photo

    5. With member photo:

    übergeek: [​IMG] photo, photo

    6. With thumbnails:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    7. With everything:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Note that the a text-only approach will make the Directory load quickly and make it easy to scroll thru the list of members. This suits looking for a particular member efficiently. On the other hand, adding images make it possible to browse through the member list as a gallery. This makes it harder to look up one member quickly and easier to see what "everyone" looks like.

    My opinion is that Example 2 and Example 5 are the best candidates. But I'd like to hear what others think before I start formatting the data.
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    you don't get an avatar until you have 500 posts
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    aw thanks a lot Doctor Q for using me as an example :p
    noticed how you noticed that i had a profile pic :p

    hehe. I need to find a picture under 100x100...
    arn is there any way we can use larger images if we host them elsewhere?
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    Doctor Q

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    You won in a fair fight, being the highest posting member with both a profile photo and a Pics attachment. You'll only owe me a "small" publicity fee. Nothing out of the ordinary by Hollywood standards.

    The vBulletin change that I needed is now complete, so I am beginning the changes to switch to the new attachment numbers, which will make the Photo Directory functional again. I will use the format in "Example 2" above unless/until public opinion says otherwise.
  14. arn
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    I uped the image size to 150x150.

    I could go higher I suppose... but I'm imagining that one day we'll have a script that displays a bunch of them on one page at once....

    I think more than 150 might be too big.


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    Doctor Q

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    For member profile photos, I think 100x100 was fine, and bigger than 150x150 is unnecessary. If people want to show off every pixel of their pearly whites, they can post in the MacRumors pics! thread or link to a photo from their signature.

    Also, if we make a gallery (which sounds like a job for me, doesn't it?), we'd want to use a grid, so all rows and columns would be the same size. If there is too much variation in size, it won't look as nice because we'd size for the maximum allowed and smaller images would look too small in their cells. Unless we scale, which would make you download more data than you'd see, defeating the purpose.
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    I am eligible for an avatar - but the only option I can find is "edit" avatar - and there is one choice for "don't use one"

    How do I upload an avatar??

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    Edit avatar is the place. You should have an option underneath the current avatar/do not use box for "custom avatar". If you don't, talk to arn.

    Here's what mine looks like:

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    thanks - there was just a delay.
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    I hate to be so dense, but where is the profile picture option in the User CP? I could not find it for the life of me. Or did I happen to log on while Arn is changing it? :)
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    It's in the Settings/Options menu for me:

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    I've got the same problem as mkrishnan. I don't have the option in my user CP like Rower CPU. Is there a number of posts you need or what?
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    I don't have a Edit Profile Pic in my control panel like the one shown in Rower_CPU's image above. Do you have to have so many posts for the profile pic?
  25. arn
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    sorry - should work now

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