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New generation iPhones sell like wildfire

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 23, 2009.

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    WTH does it mean to "sell like wildfire"? Does it mean that several firefighters lost their lives to the stampede of potential iPhone buyers? Or that there was a state of emergency declared once the Governator wasn't able to get one and discovered a 7-14-day wait?
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    2nd one :p

    I do love how Apple has held it together during the recession, I remember loads of analysts saying apple would be really hard hit by it all, but they seem to be doing just fine :)
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    I guess I subscribe to too many RSS feeds related to :apple: . This is the 7th or 8th article about how well iPhone3GS is selling. I am getting jealous.
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    I take it you have never watched a wild fire burn? - They accellerate very quickly, hense the term.
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    It will spike up just like the iPod. Then Apple will make different colors when they reach a technology limitation and some software features that only work with the new iPhones with the later chipsets. I look forward to an iChat AV iPhone with fingerprint scanner to unlock the iPhone.
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    would be interested to see how many (% wise) 3GS buyers are from previous iPhone users..
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    Quite a lot according to AppleInsider.com
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    sigh, accurate data are always difficult to get, I guess keep people guessing is a good part of marketing strategy.
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    But the good part of it is that the " old " iphones will be still used by someone else .
    In my case I´m upgrading to the S and my wife will get mine , we have never done it before with a cellphone which most of the time ends up in a drawer till we do spring cleaning and lands for sure in the garbage can...

    No .... we don´t have recycling containers for that stuff here is the south of Spain :(

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    Wow is it really a 7 - 14 day wait? I looked on forum search and didn't see anything about wait times.

    I guess I'll stop clicking "refresh" on my shipment status :'(
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    Apple is doing very well in the recession. they seem to be handling the product realeases very reasonably and very timely. this is the main reason why they are flourishing while other companies are declining.

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