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New generation of iPods coming soon?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mklock, Jul 19, 2009.

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    I was just wondering, if someone knows when the new generation of iPods are going to be introduced.

    I've heard several friends say that it's probably going to be the first week of September.

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    Your guess is as good as ours, but historically, September.
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    yeah september is like the traditional date
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    Steve Jobs said once that updating in September was the update pattern for iPods.:apple:
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    Yeah, I'm itching, too. This is a website about Apple rumors...right? :) Nobody has heard anything about the upcoming iPods? They are only about 8 weeks away at worst...I'm praying for a 64GB or 128GB flash based iPod. Love the Classics but they are slow to change songs, go through menus, etc. Unless I have a busted one. Love the size (160GB) but hate the performance.

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    I'm actually more curious about the next generation nanos. I wanted to get the 16 gb purple one last year but ended up getting a 16 gb touch, which i really love, but its no nano...apps are cool tho.
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    Here's my current "three day wild guess" on what we'll get for the new iPods:

    iPod nano

    Same general shape as current 4G nano, but will switch to true 16:9 aspect ratio LCD display. Capacities will be 8 GB, 16 GB, and possibly 32 GB. May or may not get built in camera.

    iPod classic

    Looks identical to current 120 GB model, but will get higher-capacity single-platter 160 GB hard drive and a menu display system similar to that of the current 4G nano. This will be the last of the hard disk-based iPods.

    iPod touch

    Essentially an iPhone 3Gs minus the cellphone functionality, will be available in 16, 32 and 64 GB versions.
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    So does anyone have any "rumors" about what we will see in a few short weeks (if not days)? I would really expected MacRumors to have had SOMETHING on this topic by now.
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    There has been quite a bit of discussion among the iPod Touch owners in that specific forum, especially since the release of iPhone 3GS, so if that's a platform you're interested in, have a look.
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    september! 8th and 9th?

    most likely you will see new

    ipod nano:
    -more memory
    -no camera
    8GB($129) 16GB($149) and 32GB($199)

    ipod touch
    -more memory
    -camera 3.0 MP
    -faster processor
    -no GPS
    16GB($229) 32GB ($299) 64GB ($399)

    ipod classic
    -different style (very curved edges)
    -more memory
    -only one ipod line
    160GB ($250)
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    That deletion would mean that there would be no geo-tag for the pictures when they get uploaded to iPhoto '09 . . . which would be pretty lame.

    Likewise, if the Touch gets the iPhone 3GS camera . . . expect it to have video capability and the built in microphone, which would also open the door to the voice command feature of the iPhone 3.0 OS
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    Tallest Skil

    They had one, they got rid of it, they obviously don't want one.
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    And the shuffle will be smaller and have no physical buttons. Everything will be controlled with your voice, including power on. :rolleyes:
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    Tallest Skil

    Oh, so a Zune? I don't think so. We have the iPod touch for a large screen, it will be getting 64GB in September, so the classic would probably remain completely untouched until next year when it is discontinued to make room for the 128GB iPod touch.
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    They didn't want one that fat, not to mention that buggy. If they can fit a higher capacity single platter drive in there, they might just go ahead and do it.

    Just saying.
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    theres usually new ipods every September
  18. ckd
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    The iPod touch can geo-locate based on Wi-Fi base stations, as long as they're in the Skyhook database. (It works pretty well in urban areas, as easily demonstrated with the Maps application on a current iPod; taking a nature photo in the middle of a national park, though, won't work so well....)
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    And the Nano is...? [/sarcasm]

    OP, this might be what you're looking for: Link.
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    Rumors about the new touch are that it will probably have a camera with video, a built in mic, and more storage like 64 gb or somethin like that. Oh yea and a better built in speaker, possibly like on the iphone. seems that the touch is becoming more and more like the iphone...
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    Well if the trend continues they may eventually become one and the same.
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    I doubt Apple will get rid off the ipod classic as there is no other alternative thats bigger than 64 GB
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    That concept you showed is very close to what I think the new classic will be like. It will have a larger 16:10 aspect ratio screen and go to a smaller click wheel, plus the interface will look like a larger version of the 4G iPod nano's interface.
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    Which is why he said single-platter. I think his points are valid.

    I think the screen for the nano will also be 15:10 rather than 16:10 or 16:9, to keep inline with the iPod touch.
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    Tallest Skil

    Are there any larger single-platter 1.8" drives now?

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