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new gimmick

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by C_a_r_s_t_e_n, Aug 22, 2001.

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    hi everybody !

    just hold the 'alt' key and klick on the 'about this mac' button in the apple menu.

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    really cool. ne more????
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    hehehe way kool!!!

    how did u find that out?
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    egg salad

    That is what is refered to as an easter egg. There are lots of those in many applications. There was one in an older mac app called "stickies" where if you typed in 'moose' in a "sticky" and pressed enter your note would have a brown moose on it. lots of fun.
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    How do I hit the alt key, I have a alt/option key. I tried shift+option/alt key nothing, also function+option/alt key nothing. Im using a pismo. I know this is a stupid question but could you tell me the correct combo. I would like to see this easter egg.
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    Alt Key on PB

    It didn't work on my PB either. :(
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    Re: Alt Key on PB

    I read about this easter egg in Macformat many moons ago and appearantly it doesn't work on every system, can't remember which though. It's a shame that they fill up my harddrive with bulls**t like that though.

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    It's simple

    Hold down option, then in the Finder go to the Apple menu...where you would usually see "About this Computer," you now see "About the Finder."

    It's just a picture. It's been in lots of OSes before; the picture is just different now.
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    Thank you
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    Yet another

    The BEST secret trick ever was to commemerate drag and drop, drag and drop text was added in system 7.5 (i think) and if you went into NotePad, typed "secret about BOX", then dragged it to the desktop it launched an AWSOME little secret. It was a picture of the Apple Campus with the flag post, but the flag was a 3-D one, and it had an iguana on it. Apple only had it in there until 7.6 or so. If you have an old system I strongly recomment trying this one.

    Oh yeah the cool part, where ever your mouse is, the computer simulates that as the wind direction, thus you can control the flag.

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    Re: Yet another

    Yeah, I seem to remember that. It was pretty damn cool.

    Sad...we don't get much in the way of easter eggs anymore. The "About the Finder" part isn't even an easter egg really...

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