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New graphics card in imacs?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by 70el, Apr 30, 2008.

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    The updated imacs i see also have an updated graphics card.. Is there any way at all to upgrade a 2007 imac to have the new graphics card? Could i bring it into an apple store and have it done there? Just wondering.
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    Tallest Skil

    Eh.... no. That's the price you pay for an all-in-one.
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    I know many people will wait for a possibility of doing so but my bet is Apple will not go that far to please it's customers.
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    hah... i posted the same time as you asking the same question... well, you beat me by a few minutes :p heh.

    *sigh* if only i had waited one more month!
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    At least search before posting. This was asked only 2 days ago. The same day the new imacs were released.
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    i searched for "upgrade imac graphics card" and came across nothing. my humblest and most sincere apologies for inconvenience, mr. posting police. hah. :rolleyes:
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    You don't even need to search. Merely look down the page.
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    Choose a story and stick with it.

    Don't tell someone to search and then tell them not to search, but to look down the page. Searching is (supposedly) the most effective method of finding previously asked questions. One shouldn't have to skim through pages (regardless of whether it's on the first one or not) to find a question.

    Get over it. :)

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