New home theater setup with diagram and pics.. help and advice needed!

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by sab150, Aug 17, 2009.

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    Heres my setup.. just bought the macook pro and 24 led and 1tb time capsule.. want to know best way of networking it all together! cant get time capsule to work as a router! ..any suggestions to make this simpler? (sorry for the crude diagram but wasnt sure how to illustrate this)

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    I don't really get how you want to hook everything up. Obviously you want power for your LED display. And you probably want to hook it up to the MBP through a miniDisplay cable.
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    Just one thing, Sky+ is Satellite not Cable (all Sky products are satellite).
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    Wouldn't the 360, and the Sony thing go into a receiver first, and then to your surround sound.

    I'd hook the 360, Sky+, Sony thing, to a receiver, then output a HDMI to a T.V.

    Then, you'd just have to change the input on your receiver to change...inputs. :p.
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    Chris Rogers

    why 2 wifi routers??

    I think if you lose the power lines in your drawing it will be a little easier to see and comprehend. Just add "will be connected to: "
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    just use the time capsule instead of 2 routers.

    Also, when you make diagrams like this in the future, you should leave power out. Everything has to be plugged into power anyways so there really isn't a point in including it, as it just makes **** look complicated.

    And you can either hook all of your components up to your tv, then output to your receiver for surround sound (only switch the tv input, leave the receiver)

    Or, you can hook all of the components up to the receiver, then have one output to the tv (only switch the receiver input, leave the tv alone.)
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    Is your Netgear also functioning as your Cable/DSL modem or is that the ASDL (sorry, no idea what that is)? If the Netgear isn't also your modem, as other suggested just get rid of it and use the TC. If it is also your modem, you need to make sure the TC is set up under Internet settings for Connection Sharing: Off (Bridge Mode)--do this in Airport Utilities on your MBP--not sure how to do it in Windows.
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    Is this a prank? What mod or demi put you up to this? The chart is hilarious. I keep expecting a caption or something that reads, "Friends don't let their friend's 7 year old set up their home network!" :D
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    hiya thanks for the reply, the reciever/amp is built into the sub on the surround sound (saves one less box) :p
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    hi sorry very true! the powerlines for me to work out what goes where.. i intend to do a "neat" version when it all works properly!

    ..and as for the two routers this is where im having my main problems!.. people have said that the time capsule is a "router" not a "modem" or something along those lines.. but i was under the impression that you could plug it into the wall and replace my old "netgear" ..any ideas

    really appreciate the help
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    hi sorry very true! the powerlines for me to work out what goes where.. i intend to do a "neat" version when it all works properly!

    ..and as for the two routers this is where im having my main problems!.. people have said that the time capsule is a "router" not a "modem" or something along those lines.. but i was under the impression that you could plug it into the wall and replace my old "netgear" ..any ideas?

    really appreciate the help
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    aha thanks.. no its not a joke! i need help and quickly put this together to get my head round it

    what would you suggest oh wise one
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    what is your ASDL? Is that not your modem? If it's not, you could get a wired modem and then get rid of the netgear. Otherwise you can just use the modem feature of the netgear and turn off the wireless and then use your TC as your wireless router, or you can use the netgear as your wireless modem and router, and then use the TC as a storage device/possibly a hub (idk if that's possible).
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    Your statement about the Time Capsule not being a modem is correct. It is a router, meaning it will only send out your internet signal to other devices, either through hard line or wireless transmission. So, if you are using the Netgear as just a router, then it is truly redundant and you could take it out of the set up entirely. However, if your Netgear is provided by your ISP and must be used as a gateway or modem for your internet signal then it would be necessary and could not be removed from the set up.

    When you say you "can't get the time capsule to work as a router" what do you mean? Tell us exactly what the error or breakdown is? It could be how you are setting it up from a software perspective. I don't personally own a time capsule, but do own an Airport Express and from my understanding they are similar.
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    A question popped in my mind while reading this thread:

    What does a modem do?
    I mean, I know that if you need to have more than one thing being plugged into your internet, you need a router, but can't you juts get your Cat5 cable and plug it into the "internet in" port on your router, thus leaving you without a modem?
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    okay. got it working but not exactly how i want it..

    can i ditch the "ADSL" and netgear router? the ADSL is some kind of splitter attached directly to the wall phone socket, and then splits that signal into ethernet and a phone line.. and then the ethernet output goes to my netgear dg834gt router.. but ideally i would want to get rid of them and run everything from the time capsule!


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    Have You tried taking the Netgear router out of the equation and putting the Time capsule directly in it's place? Once that is done setup the time capsule in airport utilities and it should work. have you done that?
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    In a word: no.

    In slightly more words:
    The Time Capsule is not an ADSL modem. The TC simply doesn't know what to do when connected to an ADSL microfilter, even if you could somehow do that (TC has RJ45 connections, not RJ11 as modems do).

    I have a similar set up, using a Speedtouch router/modem connected to the ADSL microfilter. My TC is then connected via ethernet to the Speedtouch. It is the only way to do it.
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    You must use the little splitter box on the telephone line, the broadband won't work without it.

    Why is your Sky+ connected via Ethernet cable? I don't even remember see an Ethernet port on my Sky+ .

    Make sure you've turned off the wireless on your Netgear router, the TC is the only thing that needs to be broadcasting.
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    hi sorry.. its meant to be a phone line thing plugged into my sky

    and how do you turn off wireless on my netgear?
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    Usually, the router's settings/configurations are accessed through a web browser using its dedicated IP address (i.e. my Actiontec is // be in your user manual.
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    You'll have to check the documentation that came with the router, or download a copy from the netgear website.

    Usually it's something like this,

    Log in to the administration of the netgear router, open safari and you need to enter an IP address, it'll be something like then enter the username and password, something like 'admin' and 'password'. Once in there should be a wireless option for you to turn it off.
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    You had asked me in your other thread for some help, so here is my attempt. I have attached a diagram of my network, so you have an example to go from. All my wireless routers are set to closed networks with different names, with WPA2/WPA Personal security. The two routers not attached directly to the Charter modem are in Bridge mode to avoid IP conflicts. For your setup, I would put the Netgear as your main, with the Time Capsule in Bridge mode.

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    I had a similar set up with a Netgear Wireless Router and a Time Capsule, I forced the Netgear to work as a 'modem only' and let the Time Capsule manage the network.

    Wasn't easy, but everything works sweet now :)
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    ace okay, would you advise closed networks? does this mean hidden.. sorry for all the questions!

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