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new "home videos" on appletv

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by chenks, Dec 15, 2012.

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    i have some content in iTunes 11 and have set it to the new "home videos" category.

    how do i see this on the appletv? doesn't appear to be an option to see them.
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    You can thank Apple for just completely neglecting AppleTV. AppleTV still can't sort TV shows just by show. Sure, iTunes does it great now. But AppleTV still has to list each season individually, which makes it suck for browsing shows :)
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    You should be able to find your 'home movies' on the AppleTV by scrolling to the top and sliding over to Genre.

    Best of luck!
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    that's a workaround though, not a positive solution.

    what if the "genre" is comedy, it's going to be in amongst all the movies that also have comedy as the genre.
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    You make "home videos" that are comedies, drama's, horror, etc? Most of mine are the kid laying on the floor slobbering. :D
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    so which genre would that fall into then? "kids & family"? as i have various proper movies that fall into that genre too.

    as i said, accessing them via the genre listing is a workaround, it can't be deemed a proper way of accessing them.

    it seems the appletv engineers forgot to liase with itunes engineers (as usual).
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    It's just that all my "Home Movies" are truly that "Home Movies", and so the "Home Movies" genre fits. I don't have Home Movies-Comedy, Home Movies-Drama, etc. However, to your point, I would love to see the aTV menu reflect the same categories Music, Movies, Home Movies, TV Shows as iTunes provides. It's just demonstrates good integration between the 2 systems.
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    From A Buick 8

    My work around for all of this is playlist and play list folders. I have created a playlist folder for each TV show and inside that a smart playlist for each season. I also create a folder for home moves and a smart playlist for each event or year etc...

    I would like apple to update the ATV to better match the new iTunes 11 but for now this method works for me.
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    Putting Home Movies in their own Genre seems like an appropriate solution to me...but then I always browse movies on my aTV through the Genre listing. Otherwise it would take 5 minutes to scroll through the whole list.
    If it really was the case that someone felt they had multiple Genres of Home Movies, though, there is nothing that would keep them from creating Genres called "Home Movies - Comedy", etc., if that is what they want.
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    the appropriate solution would be for "home videos" to be listed on the appletv like all the other content.

    they would still be listed within genres even with the above method of accessing them be supported.
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    Home movies are not a genre, they are a video type like movies and TV shows.

    What I had done previously is created a Home Videos genre for that type stuff. Then I created a smart playlist for them. That's probably the best solution until an ATav update to address it.
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    It will need to be added to the next software update.
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    I am also trying to figure this out, if I understand the question right. I too have "home movies" that I have stored in iTunes on my Mac Mini, but can only access them through "home sharing". Does anybody know how I can access "home movies" on my Apple TV 3 without having to do Home Sharing?
  14. HobeSoundDarryl, May 20, 2013
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    Best option: Don't use that tag until Apple gets this particular thing together. Once they do, you can always go back and switch the tag. Subler is your friend (for easy tag switching).

    Personally, I wish it would come out of "hobby" status and get some serious attention. It could be a monster product if it just got some dedicated focus.
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    You can create your own Genre. Just put them in Movies with the Genre as "Home Movies" and you are all set. I did that with my movies. Created home movies genre and also collapsed action, drama, thriller into a Action/Drama/Thriller genre since there is considerable overlap and I see ALL of those movies in one list. Also created a Star Wars genre since my kids are totally hooked on SW now and they can go directly to the movie and clone ware series.
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    So, I have designated those "home movies" as "movies" and see them on my Mac Mini's iTunes. They have yet to come up on my Apple TV... I also made a genre with it's own unique name, that I have yet to see come up on the Apple TV.

    Does it take a little while to sync from iTunes to Apple TV?

    Thanks for you help.
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    No, Home Sharing is how the Apple TV accesses any content on your computer. You have to turn on Home Sharing on both the Apple TV and your computer and then the content in iTunes on your computer will show up under the "Computers" section on your Apple TV.

    The Movies, TV Shows and Music sections on your Apple TV home screen are all for content streamed directly from the iTunes store. The only other way to get content from iTunes onto your Apple TV is by using Airplay in iTunes from your computer to send it to your Apple TV.
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    Thank you... I was hoping that Apple TV could actually take the things stored in my iTunes to my Apple TV, not just purchased items in my iTunes.

    Home Sharing works fine, but I didn't wanted to have to turn on my Mac Mini/or airplay from devices to watch something on my Apple TV.

    Thanks again

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