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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by California, Nov 16, 2005.

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    Just have to say, I don't know what exactly the diff video Radeon whatever it is but this 14" 1.42ghz iBook screen resolution kicks butt over the 14" 1.33ghz iBook and I was VERY happy with the screen on that iBook.

    Like, I can actually see the rendering on different fonts.

    I did get stuck with a Fujistu OEM hard drive. Dang! I knew that if it was made in China (the serial number begins with 4H meaning CHINESE LABOR CAMP WORKERS MADE THIS MACHINE) it would be a cheapo Fujistu hd. It was. At least this one has a 8mb buffer. On the 1.33ghz I bought in late July and just sold to a non MR member, it only had a 2mb cache buffer!

    On a friend's 1.2ghz iBook 14", the switched out Hitachi 5400rpm drive with 8mb buffer adds A LOT of speed to the works. And the quality on that Taiwan built Apple iBook is better around the edges than this 'book. Thank God for Apple care.

    I guess Taiwan's Capitalism and Democracy makes for better handiwork on Macs than China's Communism and Oligarchy. Bless the person who made this machine in China, tho, they were probably starving.

    And I'm on Tiger. Kickin' and screaming and it ain't that fast even with 1.5gbs of ram installed. NO speed bump here. I may just jump back to Panther with a clean install and -- hey hey hey -- if no one's looking, I may put in my Hitachi 7200 rpm hd into this new 'book and dump this OEM Fujistu. Shhh.
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    I just got the same iBook also. I'll have to see what type of hard drive I have. Are the Fujitsu's that bad?
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    mad jew

    I would have thought the two screens would have been identical. How weird. :confused:

    As for jumping back to Panther, I'm not sure it'll let you. Didn't the iBook only come with Tiger? It's pretty difficult and not recommended to use an OS that's older than your Mac. Plus, wouldn't you have sold the Panther CDs on with the old iBook? :)

    I won't tell anyone about the Hitachi if you don't, but it'll void your warrantee so maybe wait a month or so before doing that just to make sure you won't be needing to use that warrantee. :)
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    Just be sure about the HD like Mad Jew says you don't want to void your warranty
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    mad jew


    Good point, voiding your warrantee may get you punched in the face. :eek:

    Thanks Bern. :p
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    I think the Fujitsus suck.

    And yes, my three month old 1.33ghz 14" that I just sold had a 60 gig fujistu with a 2mb cache. It made the 1.27ghz 14" ibook I put a 5400rpm Hitachi hd in run FASTER -- and i mean MUCH faster then the newer iBook with the oem Fujistu drive.

    THey conk out faster, they are just not as well made as Toshiba or Hitachi.
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    Mad Jew, you are the coolest. How is it down there right now? Isn't it high summer?
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    It's a long way from high summer yet down here. Was only 33 degrees C today, the hottest time of year is a good 6 to 8 weeks away yet.
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    mad jew


    Ahh, I'm not looking forward to Summer: Full Strength Edition™. It's nice enough now with our balmy 30°C weather but come January/February I think I'll be temporarily changing my name to sweltering jew. :eek:

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