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New iBook-definitely soon

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Gus, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. Gus
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    Those of you who frequent these boards know that I never post any kind of rumor, but I have some info I thought was interesting. One of my colleagues recently had the third new logic board installed on his iBook, or so he thought. It came back from repair with the same note stuck to it that it had when it left, ith no repair. He called the Apple Tech who was supposed to be doing the repair, and was then offered a new iBook in replacement of his. He had a 700, but they are giving him an 800. They actually offered to give him a 12" PB for an additional $400, but his wife would have killed him.nA nice deal, huh? Anyway, the tech told him that they were trying to clear out the inventory on 800 anyway, because they are EOL, and new ones were coming out "any day now". I know, it's not earth shattering, but it is definitely something. Do with this what you please.

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    At least someone has some good hard evidence of new books.
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    I have never heard of Apple doing this.
    It is amazeing.
    We would love to have your friend post and so that we can read his thoughts.

    New iBooks are comming out, but thats not the important news.
    It seems that Apple has changed its policy concerning repairs.
    As far as I know, they have never offered to upgrade somebody to a better product in lue of repair. (Sorry- no spell check today.)
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    it would probably be cheaper for them in many cases to replace rather than repair... no time intensive work for highly paid techs, and if they're trying to clear out the current line anyway, so much the better.
  5. Gus
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    I think part of the replacement issue was that they had already replaced two bad logic boards before this incident, in which he was without his iBook for 10 days. Like me, he uses PowerPoint/Keynote to do a lot of his presentations in his classes, and he had to completely rewrite his lesson plans. I think Apple realized the goof and wanted to placate him. I'll talk to him and see if he''ll post in this thread and talk to you guys about it.

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    Just curious about how keynote performs on your iBook as on the Apple website they say PowerPC G4 recommended. Are the 3D transitions smooth? Are there any performance issues that a 12" powerbook would rectify? I have to buy a laptop and keynote in the next few weeks and I would rather go for the iBook, but if Keynote performs better on a powerbook then I would go for that.


  7. Gus
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    Keynote works flawlessly for me-iBook 800 w/384MB RAM. I recently did my lecture recital with it plugged into a projector and sound system-I used all the 3D transitions and the text entering effects. Worked fantastically!

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    My iBook has had two new motherboards since I got it in November. I have an iBook 800 and i've heard that if it breaks again and they replace the mobo again. and then it breaks once more I get a new one. I've also heard that whenever they replace a mobo it's never "quite right" again. If apple gave me the option to upgrade to the powerbook and I had the cash i would definatley think aboiut it. i'm thinnking that was for the comob drive model right?

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