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new ibook HD problems

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by amemoryoncelost, Jul 7, 2006.

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    I got a 700mhz ibook, with what I thought to be a bad hard drive. So i got a new one, took her all apart, put a new one in and got it all back together. Now Im getting th flashing icon with the question mark and the finder sign thing switching back and forth. I've tried booting from the install CD and resetting the PRAM. Not sure what else to do, Im currently taking it back apart to see if i did something wrong. Before I get too deep into it, is there anything I need to do to the HD before turning it on, or is it plug it in and go? Any ideas or suggestions would be great, thank you!

    EDIT: Also wanted to mention I have tried holding down option but it does not show the install disc or HD. I have tried booting from a Tiger disc (holding C) and it spits it out and go back to the flashing icon. Im lost...

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    mad jew

    So you can't boot from any system CDs or DVDs? Maybe try taking out any third party RAM and then booting from the restore disc. From here you'll probably need to format the new drive (Disk Utility) and then install the OS. :)
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    Wish you had posted that before I took it apart for the second time. But at this point, I should be able to open a business replacing HD's in G3 ibooks. So yeah, it's booting from the CD and Im about to format and install OS9.

    Once i get OS9 installed, is there anything I need to do to upgrade to panther? I've read about updating firmware and other things?

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    mad jew

    Sorry, I was having a shower. :p

    I don't think your iBook needs any firmware update to run OSX. You should be able to just shove the disc in and start installing. :)
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    Well, it froze during the install of OS 9.2, so I killed it (holding power button). Restarted it holding C, flashing icon again. Killed it one more time and now Im trying to reinstall it one more time. Is this pointing at anything? Possible logic board failure perhaps? Im nervous. Last time I buy anything from here at such a good price.
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    mad jew

    Not great signs. Do you have the Hardware Test CD? If you still do, boot from it and run some tests to see whether it'll pick up on anything bad.
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    Man, what a headache. Everything passed fine, been trying to boot it from CD, no luck. Try booting holding the option key so I could choose volumes, nothing. I mean, maybe bad cd drive, i dunno. I think I might just try and sell it on ebay for parts and take it as a HUGE loss, especially after buying a new HD for it...
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    mad jew

    That sucks. Sorry, but I really think selling it (for parts) is probably the best option. :(

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