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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Shasta, Jul 26, 2005.

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    Anyone doing any better then August 2nd?

    and any ideas on where this might ship from (Cali to NY is a long wait by ground :( )

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    Aug 2nd for me to. I paid for expedited shipping also :)

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    Same Aug. 2 expedited shipping
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    august 3rd for moi.
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    I want everybody to post reviews as soon as you receive them.
  8. ITASOR, Jul 26, 2005
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    Same exact thing here too. Same status and date and same upgrade. I can't wait to get it!
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    Mine will ship on.....August 2nd.

    At least my printer shipped today, and my 60-gig iPod will ship later this week (tomorrow?).

    If we're lucky they just threw the 2nd out there as a date they were sure they could ship them by. On the other hand...demand may be way ahead of supply... :rolleyes: :confused:

    Oh well, good luck to us all!
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    Thanks for all the replies, it's good to know where things stand...

    My 20 gig iPod shipped this evening, the only thing that sucks is that I will be going on vacation for the first part of next week, and that my summer job and apartment are an hour away from my home, where I had my stuff shipped (no permanent address up here :-\)

    So yeah, stock 12" for me
    Can't F'n wait!

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    Cool. Where in NY are your 2 locations?
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    Yep, i ordered mine, August 3rd.... bummer, oh well... I got 1-3 buisness days shipping so, that should cover up some time :eek:
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    Wait, which iBook did you order again. Sorry, my memory is failing. :eek: :rolleyes:
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    Anyones order status gone to "Preparing Item for Shipment Yet"?
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    MINE JUST GOT DELIVERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just kidding
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    No, seriously what is the status of your order?

    Edit: NVM, just regained my eyesight :eek:
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    I got the 14" upgraded the HD to 100GB. On or before Aug 2nd is my ship date. I went with free shipping, so I'm hoping to get it before the 9th.
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    August 2nd for me as well.... Planning for 1gb of RAM... Does anyone think this is overkill or too little?
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    So Itasor, I assume you are getting the new one, right? I called and they are only discounting them $100. For $100, it seems to me a no brainer to take the new one especially since it has more built in RAM. The BT is a nice bonus too.

    As far as the question on 1GB of RAM, seems about right to me for this config. Adding an extra 512MB is probably the perfect thing to do.
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    Yikes. I went with the 80GB, but couldn't justify another $90 for the last 20GB (unless it had been 5400RPM).
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    80 GB here too...though i might not need it as my ipod is synched with my desktop...hmmmm
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    Yeah, I had a choice, but $100 for faster processor, native scrolling, SMS, BT, newer hardware, and bragging rights was enough to justify the extra. I also paid $50 for the 60GB.
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    I've ordered the 12" with 80 gigs as well and i'm seeing August 2nd. Too bad i'm gonna be out of town from August 1st to the 4th. I'm gonna be so excited to get back. This is my first mac since the growing up with the Apple IIGS. So excited to make the switch.
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    Well, mine's shipped (I'm in the UK), but it's coming from Suzhou, China, so it'll probably be a while!
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    I ordered the standard one from the UK apple store and my status is "Shipped" :D (it was sitting on 02/08 for about 24 hours then changed).

    It says:

    I tried that tracking number on their site but it didnt work. Am i right in thinking that its with Kuhne & Nagel in a bulk shipment thats heading to Europe/UK?

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