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New iBook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by FeaturedMp3, Apr 22, 2006.

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    Is there going to be a new iBook. My dad is going to be getting me one apparently and my brother told my dad to wait two weeks or something untill they launch it?

    Wondering is this true about this, haven't seen any news on AppleInsider!:(
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    One is coming soon. A new intel iBook. If you can wait, do it.
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    How long will it be? Do you know?
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    Soon, that's what we all know.

    Either way buying one now is absolutely dumb.
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    Even though the idea of getting a new iBook is really sweet. You really should wait. You and your Dad should be patient, cause we don't know when a new iBook is due (up to 3 months away).
    But a new Intel iBook would be the way to go. You really gotta be patient though.
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    Your saying 3 months!?:eek:
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    It could be, you never know. Unless you really need it in the next 3 months, just wait.
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    I think that it will be less than 3 months before we see the introduction of the intel based iBook (MacBook). Either way, it will be worth the wait! :)
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    Some people say "next month". (may)
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    If it helps to keep your eagerness in check, go with a somewhat shorter timeframe. it's just that rumor sites can be as off-the-mark as the rest of us when it comes to the accuracy of their crystal balls. For what I do with a computer, the current iBook would serve me very well, yet it makes perfect sense to wait and see what new offerings look like. If the design changes in ways that I anticipate, my patience will have surely been worth it.
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    Could be 3 months, could be next week. Nobody knows.

    The only certainty is that it will be out by the end of the year.

    EDIT: Another certainty, Thinksecret will get the release date right, then say it's wrong, AI will quote TS then not recant when TS does and will eventually post the release story right after it comes out, MR will post as news comes out and finally TS will post a story describing the new models a week after they arrive and say nothing about being late.
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    What design changes do you hope for? black iBook?:p
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    Black or charcoal gray would be preferred ... it would also be nice if the keyboard had a somewhat improved feel, including lettering that was not so prone to peeling off after a certain amount of time. I see many PC laptop keyboards whose letters remain vivid after being used for years.
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    Black iBook? Just like the iPods? Sorry man, besides I would personally be against it, I don't think it's gonna happen. Mac were black when PB G3 still excisted.;)
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    Indeed they were, but I do not know why that aspect of the G3 era would be a reason for not introducing them again. The iPod minis were eye pleasing in all those assorted colors and I believe there will be a return to those days again. Time will tell.
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    i dont trust rumour sites for product annoucements. everyone said the ibook's would be revised as Intel ibooks at Macworld '06, but that didnt happen. ok, there has been alot of activity with companies getting orders for 13.3" screens, but maybe that could indicate a 13" Macbook Pro and/or 13" Macbook.

    Apple is one company you cant really guess, but it makes it more fun. I want a Macbook... BADLY, but im not sure if to wait till leopard comes out with iLife '07. And the processors will be faster by then, an could hold Merom chips too.

    Just have to wait and see.
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    Yes up to 3 months away from it being released. Deal with it. Cause I would expect it. The only important deadline is the Holiday season.
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    It will at least be announced in May, if not shipping immediately for the school season.

    I base that on nothing though, so take it with a grain of salt.

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