New iMac already next Monday?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Veldek, Aug 25, 2004.

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    Right. That’s what I also thought. But with the announcement of new iMacs already done, the confirmation of G5 chips to be used in it and Steve Jobs not doing the keynote, the probability of this being true is higher than normally.

    P.S. I always wanted to say, how much I love your Avatar. I still remember watching Nick Knatterton being a lot of fun.
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    Uhhh, next Tuesday is the 31st of August. The keynote IS the 31st of August. Official site.

    If Apple releases the G5 iMac next Tuesday it will be no surprise because
    it's what we ALREADY expect!!

    wtf, what a bunch of retards over at appleinsider :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    Stoid, tell us how you really feel... :)

    I think it's going to happen. And with the shamefully crappy spec's that ThinkSecret listed. :(
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    You should really pay much more attention before you scream like this. It’s MONDAY we are talking about here, which is August, 30th. This means it would be ONE DAY BEFORE the keynote.
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    i'd say the imac will suck if it's out on monday so it dosent get booed just like they did with the g5 missing 3GHz if it's on stage released it should be good.

    if it has a 5200 i will hate it.
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    doh, yeah, but still though, reading extra careful this time...
    Monday evening 7-10 PM EST = 4-7 AM Tuesday morning in Paris. Still earlier than the Expo itself I guess, but just enough so that the Mac faithful don't have to stay up late/get up early to get Expo details live. Really not earth-shattering.

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    I still think it'd be cool if Phil (he's giving the 'note right?) didn't announce the new iMac but as he was leaving stage he stops and says...

    "Oh... and there is... just one more thing."

    Que Steve on the screen via iChat to introduce the new iMac.
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    I want to see the spiffy iMac G5 video that Apple will surely have made for the event! :D :cool:
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    Flying Llama

    Bah! Why would they do that? It's not like they're 4 year olds who can't wait one more day...
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    They might not be, but some of us are :p . I for one could wait another day, but I'll certainly have no problems with getting to see the new imacs a day earlier.
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    Most at AI expect the actual announcement to be on tuesday, but for there to be a leak of some kind on the monday immediately before the keynote.
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    Improved++ :D
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    He he.. you got your milestone......

    Now... how many pics posted???
    500,000? :D

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    I agree with the 5200 part.
    That video card is years old. Certainly not innovation to use them.
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    Hmm, possible. The exact time doesn't matter, as long as they get them announced at the keynote or before. They promised September IIRC, I hope it doesn't mean September 30th.
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    I'd just like to point out that the article did NOT say that the new iMac would be released on Monday.

    It simply state that there would be a number of new product offerings launched next week, some of which would begin to be introduced as of Monday. The iMac MAY be one of those being announced on Monday but given that the expo is on Tuesday that is unlikely.

    Here is the exact quote from the article (capitals are mine):

    "AppleInsider has confirmed through multiple reliable sources that Apple is preparing to unveil new products early next week. The introductions are expected to BEGIN appearing on the company's website as early as Monday evening."

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    That's right, but it also says:

    "While sources did not provide specifics of the announcements, it's widely expected that Apple will finally introduce its all-new G5 iMac, which has been delayed since late June."

    But it could be even more interesting if something else is introduced.

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