new iMac G5 mock-up

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by vitruvius, Jul 15, 2003.

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    this one is for the "headless" imac fans :D

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    Hmm, I'm still a fan of the current design. Why does everyone want to replace it?
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    me too

    i also think the current iMac design is awesome, but this design adresses some thoughs about the next generation, how it will dissipate the heat of the new chips, and the need of a headless iMac, to lower the price and since monitors sizes are growing, someday the imac base will not be able to support bigger monitors. anyway this is just for fun :D
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    How much you selling that blender for?
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    Re: me too

    I think it's incredible. Good work. Go get hired by Apple!
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    So would I just put the monitor on top? :D

    Me miss the monitor. :( Without the monitor, its just a "thing". Its not pretty without the monitor.......its just a "thing" with no desirable features, like communism, or Martha Stewart.
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    The G5 Powermac is a cheese grater.
    This G5 iMac is a blender and i suppose for the ultimate in kitchen wear the PowerBook is going to be a chopping board!
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    looks like an oversized ashtray, or trashcan without the input hole...
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    It looks *A LOT* like the second part of the TAM (Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh). Does anyone else agree?
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    Laslo Panaflex

    Whats the point of this, I thought that the whole point of the iMac was that it was a complete system. This headless mockup is just a mockup of Powermac G5 in another case.


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    yes, i realize that after render it, i guess that image was in my subconscious :rolleyes:
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    and here it goes

    for those of you that miss the monitor....:D

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    How long does it take you to make models like that, I had to model a room with a tank crashing through a wall for some coursework and it took me about 20hours.

    This is my idea for a new Apple phone (iPhone?). I know its not very good but I got bored after 5minutes.

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    Sun Baked

    Looks like one of those HEPA air cleaners. :p

    At least if somebody does a headless version of the current iMac, it would be long before the Disney version is released with Mickey Mouse speaker ears.

    Or a Goofy Mac that spits out the CD/DVDs through Goofy's mouth.
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    modeling and render time

    hey hvfsl, thats a nice model, maybe the buttons are too "analog" for a hi-tech phone...:)

    the first model take me about 6 hours to model and 1 hour to render using radiosity and HDRI (by the way if someone knows where can i find nice and free HQ HDRI maps, please let me know), the blender one took me about 10 minutes to model and 25 sec. to render ( without radiosity of course)
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    Re: Re: me too

    I agree. I wouldn't dub it the iMac, but I think it's a really good design for that stand-alone inexpensive computer everyone seems to want. Maybe with a G4 in it at 1.2 GHz or so? The handle looks really convienient... Nice!
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    Re: Re: Re: me too

    Yeah, it's a nice design and all, but it's NOT an iMac... an iMac by definition is an all-in-one system that is internet capable, thusfar only having two necessary cables for basic internet functions. A headless iMac, therefore, is not an iMac at all.

    Like i said, it's still a nice design. It will beinteresting to see whether the next iMac will be metal or white... Tho I think it's about 1.5-2 years away...

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    uh the first on looks like an elongated version of those smokeless ashtrays.....
    lets just hope that design never see's the light of day.

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