New iMac Heat Issues?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jayb2000, Sep 1, 2004.

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    Just looking at one of the pictures of the back of the new iMac (attached).
    I noticed the hard drive is directly above the processor, so all the heat going up from the G5 will have to pass the hard drive to vent out the top.
    Since heat can kill hard drives, doesn't this seem like it might cause issues?

    Any thoughts?

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    Well, it didn't kill all the iBooks and PBs.
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    Yeah and the PowerBooks Burn :D
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    To the OP's point, on at least my 12" PowerBook the heat exits from the back. The hard drive is in the front, meaning that the hard drive heat goes over the processor before exiting. In the iMac G5, the processor heat goes over the hard drive before exiting. Obviously both are less than ideal, but at least the processor has a temperature sensor built-in and can clock-down as necessary; I don't believe any hard drive has this feature.

    Seems like the OP's point is a fair one.
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    The fans have temperature sensors and speed up as the temperature goes up. I'm sure Apple's got this one covered.
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    Apple Care!

    Well, I guess its Rev A, so as long as we get Apple Care, no worries.

    Still can't decide if I like the new one or not. Gonna wait till I see one in person.
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    I really don't think that this is somethign that you have to worry about! Apple tests stuff over and over and monitors things pretty closely, they know that these puters will be on for hours at a time and will therefor be sure to cover it. The fans and the genius heat rising through the top through the slit on the back. I wouldn't worry!

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