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New iMac Prices

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by iJon, Oct 25, 2002.

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    We got an email from apple saying that the new price for the low end flat panel iMac is now 1199. Apple store shows the new changes also.

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    Ambrose Chapel

    EOL yet?

    Do you know if the current iMac line has been EOL'd yet, or if there is any other sign (besides the price cuts) that updated machines are due soon? I know 2 people ready to switch but I've told them to hold out a little longer, since the iMac should be refreshed soon, and those all 17" rumors have been rampant. I still can't believe there haven't been any changes since MWSF (besides the 17" intro'd - nothing done to the original 3).

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    Did you notice that Mac Mall now has the bottom line iMac LCD for $999? That's a hundred less than Apple is offering it for. I expect changes to the iMac lineup soon, but I wouldn't expect big changes. Maybe one 15" model, two 17" models, and maybe a 19" model. :p
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    Ambrose Chapel

    check the fine print...

    That deal on MacMall requires you to buy a 512 RAM chip *and* pay 40 bucks installation, so the final price is close to $1200.

    Still, it's a good sign that they are trying to clear out inventory.

    As for changes, I hope that they bump at least the top end model to a faster FSB. Now that the towers have finally moved past 133, maybe the iMac can get *to* 133... Processor upgrades would be nice too.

    Ahhh I shouldn't be so concerned anyway, I just got a new Mac in May; I won't be upgrading for awhile! :D
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    what do you get in maths? :rolleyes:
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    Oops. :eek:

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