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New iMac... ram slots

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by BoneyardBoy, Sep 4, 2004.

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    Hi every1. just fine tuning my iMac order :D but a bit confused with the ram. i dunno if anyone will already kno this due to the iMacs not being out yet but basically will the 256 that comes as standard take up one of the two slots? or will there still be 2 spare slots aswell as the 256 thats already in there?

    fankoo :)
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    This should clarify your confusion ;) :D
    It means that you have 2 slots in total, of which by default 1 is taken with a 256 MB stick.
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    As Stike said, the iMac G5 has 2 memory slots. The 256MB chip takes one of those 2 slots, it is not soldered on the motherboard. If you take a look in the picture below, you can see how many of the 2 slots are used in each of the memory configurations Apple offers. The number of DIMMs corresponds with the number of slots used. Personally, I would recommend you get the 256MB 1 DIMM configuration or the 512MB 1 DIMM configuration, and then buy an extra 512MB chip from Crucial to bring your total to either 768MB or 1024MB (1GB), respectively.

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    cheers guys. think i'll go with the standard 256 and then buy a 512 from crucial. i'm too scared to get anything changed on the config i get from Apple because of the stories u get from people who've bought a custom build and got it in really bad condition (from the uk one anyway). wonder if things like the hard drive etc are done whilst it's actually being built or if it's changed later by some guy standing over it with a donut lol
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    OVER 1000 DOLLARS FOR 2GB OF RAM?!?! LOL, has Apple looked at RAM prices lately?!
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    As a matter of fact, I think last time Apple looked at current RAM prices was about 7 years ago.
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    Crazy, isn't it? If you buy 2 1GB chips from Crucial you pay only 480.98 shipped. Each chip is $252.99, but if you buy 2 you can enter coupon code "PAIRDISC3" to save $25. Shipping is free.

    Savings: $1125 (+ taxes in all states that charge a sales tax) - $480.98 (+ taxes in some states) = $644.02 + taxes (depends on state)

    Plus, you still have the original 256MB chip to sell and get a little bit more money back.

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