"New iPad" or iPad3 warranty question

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    I bought the "new Ipad" or Ipad 3 64gb AT&T when it first came out in March 2012. I also got the warranty from the Apple store.

    Since I first got it, it has always charged slowly and battery life was short. Co-workers have the same and not have had same issues as me (I close apps not in use and dim display too in an attempt to preserve battery with no luck). I have lived with the battery problem but I would like to get it looked at for warranty replacement.

    I noticed the newer Ipads (Ipad 4??) have the small charging receptacle like the Iphone 5.


    1) Will a replacement Ipad still have the old style charger or new smaller size?

    2) Should I get the warranty replacement now or should I wait?

    3) If I waited longer on the warranty is there a chance I would be given a newer style model "new Ipad", Ipad 4, OR could I buy up to a newer model?

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    Your replacement will be an iPad 3. They're still available.

    You can likely ask if you can pay to upgrade to the 4 or I guess if they're feeling nice they may allow you to get a mini. If the iPad 3 refurb is about what the mini is, it could be a wash. You could get lucky.
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    Thank you for the quick reply. Not interested in the mini. I'll ask about buying up to the Ipad 4. Maybe I'll get lucky.
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    You won't. Warranty service, even paid 'out of warranty' service is like for like. You can't pay up for a newer model, more storage etc. You can't even switch colors.

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