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New iPad.. Want good case for landscape

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by DTMfan, Dec 26, 2010.

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    just got a new iPad and have been spending the past day trying to find a perfect case but am now more confused than ever! Liked the apple case but will not get it now due to dirt it attracts. I like the look of Incase book jacket etc, but want to make sure that it folds flat during landscape viewing . Best Buy had it for $44 on sale.

    I could care less about viewing angles and stands. I just want a great case that is flat and folds nicely when using landscape mode which is most of my viewing on it. I'd appreciate any advice!
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    Do an MR search using the terms YOOBAO MAGIC and YOOBAO SLIM (2 separate searches though)
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    I just got one of these, many are happy with it. Here is the web page.
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    I'm starting tom lean towards the Yoobao. I like the Portenzo but a little pricey and it doesn't appear that the front cover flap will fold neatly behind the iPad without a big book spine wedge if that makes sense. Looks the Yoobao will fold correctly? Anyone have any pics of it folded? All the online videos show angles, none of it being folded.
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    Here is the Portenzo folded:
    You can crease the edge to make it sit flatter but I like mine popped up a bit.




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