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New iPhone 3GS Ad: 'Skateboard'

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 1, 2009.

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    I liked this better than the other 2 especially the copy and paste one. They glorify the feature as if it's an innovation. Sometimes you can't copy individual words from blocks of text in Safari without the the selection box jumping around.
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    Unbelievably simple usability. That's what they're really advertising here.
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    They must be using the 3GS-XT, with zero loading time or transitions.
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    Pretty cool commercial. :)

    I was about to say "a nice change from the creepy hand models," but then I realized the creepy hand model is still in this commercial. And he still does that thing where he turns the phone around at the beginning like it's some type of "trick" or something. haha. "Oh yeah, you can kick flip on your skateboard, but look at this trick I can do with my iPhone. Look at the style points!" lmao

    (I'm still waiting for an iPhone commercial that does not have the hand model but instead has "cool" people or a celebrity actually using the phone. Maybe some teenagers talking about how cool their iPhones are or something)
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    Haha, I thought this was especially apparent with the Voice Control ad. Hence the disclaimer on the final frame: "Sequences shortened."
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    ha! I said that on another thread and got attacked!! For something that was "in the works" for two years, it could have executed a little better, but here is to hoping it gets fixed before iPhone 4G:eek:
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    ha!! Didn't Apple face some flak in Europe for this for portraying unrealistic demonstrations of the software? I remember when the 3G came out with the whole maps and such that was the big issue. My 3G just seems to stick for no apparent reason and has required quite frequent hard resets.
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    it says at the very end "sequences shortened."
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    Dear God, thank you for not putting this person in charge of :apple: Marketing.
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    oh, and did I mention:

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    would have been better if it was used to cover up a massive blunder after some crazy trick to seem like they had no mistake.
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    Also, its not video editing, its video trimming. I can't take credit for that, someone else said it on another thread.:D
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    Apparently they listened to everyone here at MR about the silly voice control and copy & past ads...:rolleyes:
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    lol, yeah. this would take like 5 minutes to do on a real iPhone.
    Another thing -- editing video with 3G and bluetooth on...the battery would die before the end of the commercial :p
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    What is wrong with this statement on the end of that add:
    The nation's fastest 3G network​

    and then:

    3G not available in all areas

    I don't know but thats make me laugh. The same way as people where laughing on keynote speech few weeks ago about AT&T and their MMS service etc.:D
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    Whos is the song by in the commercial? I tried to Shazam it but it wouldn't recognize it. Do you think they actually wrote this one? It's pretty basic.
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    That's a good point. Yesterday, my family and I were on a road trip; I was using my 3Gs to navigate, and at a red light, looked in the car next to us, and saw an older couple, probably in their 70's. The woman was holding up her iphone, swiping and tapping away.
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    Skateboarding a reference to Sony Walkman

    The video being of a skateboarder couldn't be accidental.

    When Sony first debuted the Walkman (which happens to be 30 years ago this week) it was shown off by a skateboarder to illustrate how it allowed you to listen to music on the go.

    Apple is clearly trying to tie in the advent of mobile video editing with the advent of of mobile music.
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    naaa its mr pitiful by matt costa
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    just wondering how the hell are they recording that video with the camera lens covered up by the hand... bad form apple bad form....
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    ha! Video trimming *is* video editing.
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    I wouldn't want to take credit for such misstatement.

    What do you call trimming a video if not editing?
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    Does anyone hate the background music or is it just me...?
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    pretty cool keep it up

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