new ipod back Al or chrome ?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by phantommaul, May 1, 2003.

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    what is the back material of the new iPod. it looks like the new aluminum case of the powerbooks. but some angles makes it shine. which confusesme to think it is the old chrome back. please help me out on that
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    when i get mine tomorrow night (friday night) i will tell you if i am able to distinguish the difference. my brother has a 20GB so i will be comparing.
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    The AI books shine just as much as the old ipods. Atleast in my opinion I don't think it would matter much either way.
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    its the same chrome.

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    he is right, my boss got one shipped to hm from apple a couple days ago. Lucky buggar, free 25 gig ipod and before public release, and also a $25 credit to the apple music store.
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    thats really cool, but it wasnt a 25gb ipod, probably a 15 or 30.

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    yah durr i meant 15.. i was thinking 25$ CREDIT, DOH.
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    I have any iSkin cover. The thing is fantastic. I love it, especially since it Glos in the dark.
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    now that i have an iPod, i need to scrounge up omney for accesories like the belkin battery pak thing. good for road trips, and a nice iSkin when they come out with versions for the new ones:p
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    I'm getting a 15GB on Saturday, and I'm wondering if there are already any good third-party cases out there.

    Also, is the LCD backlight blue or white? How secure is the iPod-to-Dock fit? Is it immovably snug? Or is there a tiny bit of wiggle room? (since the Dock really doesn't "cradle" the iPod much, atleast from what press photos are telling me)
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    backlight is blue, dock isnt snug but is secure, the ipod isnt going anywhere so i wouldnt worr about it, one company came out with cases, forgot who they were though.

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    the dock is awsome. it even make a little sound when you plug an iPod into it:)

    it fits snug in the dock, and almost absolutly no wiggle room.

    cases i am not sure about. the only ones i have seen are ones from, but it's not even on thier site yet. i read about them on MacMinute.

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