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new iPod click wheel... like/dislike?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by gwuMACaddict, Aug 5, 2004.

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    my brother just got the new 40gig iPod with the click wheel... i played around with it a little bit last night when i was home, but couldn't decide if i liked it or not... it felt really stiff, and kind of stuck out from the body of the iPod a little bit... and i wish it glowed...

    what does everybody else think of the new iPod's click wheel... just curious...
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    I love it, I have the 20 gig click wheel. I actually prefer the satisfying "click" of the buttons to the 3g's silent touch buttons.
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    Love it! After using the 3G since it came out. It took a couple of days to get used to. Also the select button was stiff and stuck down a few times; I was on the point of returning it but I think it was just new - it's fine now. As the click wheel is flush with the unit, not recessed, and slightly larger than the 3G wheel, it is slightly easier to use.
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    love it. i jsut recently started using a 2g ipod, and i also hjave a 3g ipod and at first i thot the 3g was amazing now i find myself using the 2g more often, but missing a lot of the 3g's software features, so im sure the 4g design which is similir to the 2g i will love
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    It's great. I like not having to move my thumb up to the buttons like you had to on the 3g. The whole system just feels smoother.
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    Having an original 5GB iPod, I like that my thumbs will not have to re-learn the configuration.

    I always thought the 3gen iPods were a little counterintuitive.
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    Looks like I'm the odd man out. To me the click wheel seems cheap, and feels to much like I'm pressing on a Snapple bottle.

    Of course the iPod I used was a 40 GB for display in the Apple store.
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    I personally love the new click wheel. The whole process of using my ipod is just so satisfyingly smooth.
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    Love it!

    It just makes so much more sense... one thumb function instead of having to look down to use the ipod. It was the reason I really liked the mini I bought my wife, and I love it on my new 4G 40gb model too!

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    Just checked out the new iPod at an Apple store yesterday, and have to say that the click wheel is amazing. I think the iPod has reached near perfection now.
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    I just got mine a few days ago and love it. I had the 20gb 2nd gen before and loved that. I hated the 3rd gen buttons and click wheel. I know some people liked the fact that the buttons and wheel were slightly recessed, personally I hated it and felt it was a poor attempt at reducing the chance of the buttons going off by mistake..

    Now the 4gen is great and I feel that the scrolling is a little more accurate and no as overly sensitive as that touch wheel on my 2nd gen...
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    it keeps getting better and better, but you know what? next time apple will incorporate something that you didnt think of that makes it a whole load better. typical apple! :D
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    I'm a fan of the "no moving parts" (other than the HD, the hold switch, and several million/billion/trillion electrons). Although I think the larger size of the click wheel would suit me better, as I have huge hands.
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    i have only used the mini's click wheel but thats great as i would think a 4g click wheel would be
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    I think the click wheel on the 4G is actually better than the mini's... I'm a fan of the click wheel...

    I am confused by the whole "moving parts " debate... When I bought my first iPod the Apple guy suggested I stay away from the 5GB 1G because it was the only one with "moving parts".. Said I would be better off getting nothing until I could afford the 10GB 1G because that had "no moving parts"... They were all click wheel designs, do they have moving parts or not, & if so what's the big deal ?...
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    Love the click wheel, unlike the 3G you actually know when you're pressing a button, and not accidentally brushing against it. Its not as fancy looking, but then again-who really cares? :p ;)
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    I'm in the minority here but I don't really like the click wheel. I have a 3G and two mini iPods. The click wheel is fine for play/pause and skip forward and back, but you just can't zip through the menus as fast as you can with the touch menu and select buttons (maybe I just use my iPod differently to other people). I was actually surprisd the centre button was a click button as I always presumed it would be a touch button depite the other click buttons.

    Additionally I'm worried about the quality of the click wheels, one of my minis click wheels is nice and tight with a good feel, but the other just doesn't have the quality feel you would expect from Apple despite the fact they are both brand new. I bought two minis as I was unsure which colour I preferred and with the shortage I should be able to sell it on easily. It leaves a nasty taste in my mouth however as I one I am keeping is the one with the bad click wheel, and I will always know it could be better. I'd also be worried about all click wheels going this way.
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    mine arrived an hour ago and I don't like it

    I love it!!!

    much better user interface than my 3G
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    The Apple guy was probably referring to the rotating wheel that the 5Gig 1G has. The models that came out after that first one started to use the touch sensitive wheel - which didn't actually rotate and so was not a moving part. However, they still had push buttons which are movable parts...

    Some people complained that the with the original design, dirt could get behind the rotating wheel and cause it to feel "scratchy" when rotating it... or even more severe problems. I've never had a problem with mine though, since I don't put dirt on my iPod. :D
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    wow- i'm a little surprised by how much *everyone* loved it- thanks for the feedback...

    i still wish it glowed...
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    I also love the 4G, been using it for a couple days now. It is a pleasure to use, and browse through the menus with.

    For 4 buttons I am glad it does not glow. It would be a waste of power.
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    I just came back from the apple store here at the mall. I really like the new click wheel, but I wish the grey were a bit more subtle.

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    i love my new ipod just because ive been drooling ever since the first gen.
    That aside, i would like the click-wheel to be recessed so that there's an edge, because sometimes my thumb slides off.

    Definitely a lot more intuitive than the 3rd gen, I must say.
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    check the sig for opinions related to the topic at hand. ;)
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    Really is a work of genius. Apple have out done themselves, as someone already mentioned, the old touch sensitive buttons just wasted power glowing. What else can you say-Its just classy. :)

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