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New iPod Coming w/ New iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by blairh, Aug 31, 2011.

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    I'm thinking that the new iPod's will be unveiled at the same event that the new iPhone is coming (late Sept or early Oct). Doesn't make sense for Apple to have two separate events. Might as well combine them. Especially considering that the new iPod Touch will most likely borrow the form factor of the new iPhone (which I believe will be a larger screen and elongated button, as rumored, especially given the latest news with the photo stream beta icon leaking).
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    Great, thanks for sharing that with us. Do you have any more unqualified ramblings you would like to tell us?
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    I think it's great that you waiting two days before replying to this thread shooting the guy down. Could have just let the thread die off but no, you wanted to be a hero. Congrats. :D
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    You honestly should be timed out for acting like this on MR. What an uncalled for reply.

    To be honest, I was actually trying to raise the idea that we are not getting a separate event for iPod's this year. Perhaps I should have directly proposed that question in my OP.

    I'd like to hear from anyone regarding that issue. Now that September is here and there is zero rumblings about an iPod event, I believe we will indeed get a look at the new iPod's on the same day the next iPhone is unveiled.

    Thanks again alexjholland for being so unnecessarily rude.
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    A refresh is to be expected, if uncle Tim is ok with keeping the tradition.
    Personally, I'd love a very tiny iPod shuffle with more memory than the actual ones.
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    That is what everyone is expecting, one event for both iPods and iPhone this year..
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    That's what I'm hoping for aswell, well have to wait and see..
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    i think it will be September 9th. with invites going out tomorrow via email.

    and it will be everything all at once.
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    Citation needed..thanks
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    Hence the term "I think..."

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    If he thinks that because he read it somewhere, then he should post at least a link. Otherwise it's pointless posting.

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