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New iPod mini photographs

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by nesbitt_a, Feb 28, 2005.

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    Like a lot of other people, I'm very tempted by the new iPod mini revisions, but would love to see some pics first.

    {Please Post!}
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    i know what you mean, ive been to the apple site and looked over the mini comparisons at iPodlounge.com but im still hungry for more pics till mine arrives sometime this week. im already addicted :D
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    I just got my new iPod Mini 6GB Silver today. Really nice. Light, sleek, etc. I pretty much traded my old iPod 3G 15GB for this one. I am happy because I LOVE the scroll wheel!
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    wow :eek: just like me. i flogged my 3G for £150 so in essence i only paid £5 for my mini.
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    Where did you guys trade your 3g ipod?

    i'd love to trade my 3g 15gb ipod and get a Mini..........
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    Its hard to get a good idea of how the new iPods look from Apple's promotional images. I'm dying to see what they really look like.
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    Hows the battery life?
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    Not sure yet, It was about 60% when I got it. I am going to drain it dead and then charge it up all the way. I have had it playing for about an hour and the bar hasn't moved.

    I sold my iPod (3G) on eBay. It cost me about $8 more to buy a Mini. I got the mini for $247 shipped, and I sold my 3G for $250 shipped.
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    Here is my opinion on the new vs old color:
    I sold my iPod Mini (blue) b/c I was aware new ones were coming out thanks to MacRumors. I ordered a 6GB blue one. When I opened the box I thought that the new blue was too blue or too extreme and I thought that I regretted buying it. Luckily I had not shipped the other mini off yet. So I placed them side by side (while I erased/restored the iPod1GMini and loaded music onto the iPod2GMini) and after about 5 minutes I began to like the new blue color a lot more.
    The battery life is AWESOME......especially compared to the iPod1GMini. I had gotten used to the great battery life of my iPod Photo so the iPod1GMini battery life was really starting to annoy me.
    An interesting note:
    On the box for the new mini's it states that "like a fine pair of blue jeans, the iPod Mini colors will change over time".....not sure what that means, but it's on the box.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Sort of scary IMO. Do they mean that the color will fade over time? Or do they mean that like a fine brass bodied camera, you will see the tell-tail signs of "fine usage"?
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    I saw an iPod Mini in a shop for the first time today...cant believe how tiny they are, very cute.
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    can't wait...

    i ordered my ipod mini last thursday and it shipped today (got it engraved)... kind of funny shipped from shanghai, china... then to alaska, still there... i've ordered a lot of things from apple (ipod shuffle, emac, airport card, etc.) and none have come from that far...
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    I'm not sure I like that. I wouldn't want my ipod fading over time.

    Maybe the new mini is just the old color with some extra blue paint on it that will fade over time and become the same color as the old one :p
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    Here is a side-by-side picture of the blue iPod1GMini and the blue iPod2GMini.

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    im falling in love the new blue color.... might get one :D
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    I CAN'T wait until mine gets here! I ordered a 4gb silver one last week. I hope it gets here before the end of the week!

    I was originally going to buy a 512mb shuffle, but with the price drop and my edu discount, it was only right to get the mini.

    Again, CAN'T wait! :)
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    Gosh the new iPod mini's really are vibrant. I'm a little confused by apple saying they'll fade over time? Weird.

    Anyone got any shots of the other colours?
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    just got mine

    it took them 3 days to ship it from china, so im happy... that was free shipping too, i don't see how much faster i could've gotten here for the extra $$$...
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    gosh, does anyone else think that new green is hot? anyone wana buy a 1GB shuffle for 140 shipped? :p
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    Everyone: GO HERE!

    (Real life pictures of the new iPod mini's. As well as a direct comparison between the old and new green colour.)


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    i like the new colors :) very lively
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    They sure are! I'm gonna grab me a green one as soon as they are available in stores. The new green is awesome!
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    See here for comparisons of the new/old colour iPod minis.
    Personally, I think the green is an imporvement, the blue a step backwards, and the Pink is no better/worse.

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