New iPod Nano Would Have Mega Pixel Camera and Bluetooth

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Rehana1985, Aug 2, 2012.


What's New in iPod Nano 8G?

  1. 1.3 Mega Pixel Camera

  2. Bluetooth Case

  3. iPod Nano Wrist Watch

  4. Lots New Games

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    It sounds good na? I Got some very close images which confirming that New iPod Nano might have 1.3 Mega Pixel Camera.

    While other third party developers are preparing iPod Nano Bluetooth wrist watch to listen music wirelessly.

    September is the month when Apple might launch new iPad Nano 8G. There are so many rumors about specs and features but above two are most probably chance to be added.

    If the images are true then We may see next iPad Nano 8G with 1.3 MP Camera at this September.

    Anyways there are lot more releases are in the queue like iPhone 5 and iPad 4. Who know which one will win the race.
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    What you Say Guys?
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    doesn't need a camera... especially 1.3M? FFs...not having a go at you but if apple add that it's just silly.

    they should redesign it snaps around your add bluetooth for wireless on. oh and mega storage please :)
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    Who wants a camera on a postage stamp?

    Really ... it's just silly.
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    Why did we skip the 7th generation?

    First people want to skip straight to the 6th gen touch, then they want to skip straight to the eighth gen nano?
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    1.3 mp for what :rofl: ?
    I think iPod nano makes no big change on shape, hardware but maybe software has some interesting.
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    I personally hope that the new Nano doesn't come with a camera. It'll be useless as the screen you have is far too small.

    I'd rather see the Nano with blue-tooth connectivity, and still retain the FM radio (I use the FM radio at the gym to listen to the TV, so using bluetooth + FM radio together would be a godsend).

    Also, I want the ability to create/download more clock faces.

    That's all I would like.
  8. WLS
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    Camera on the Nano is truly stupid. I do have some speculation and wishful thinking.

    I think a new Nano would be awesome with BT 4.0. I'm also thinking that the rumored smaller 8 pin connector is going to be for the iPods - recall the patent application for the clipon dock that showed 4 pins on one side. Consider also if the Nano has the low power bluetooth, an earphone connector is not necessary since it could use BT headphones. The elimination of that hole and using a smaller possibly weather resistant data port would make room for the BT board and position it to be even more usable as a watch device that can connect to your iPhone and BT Headphones. I really would like to see the Nano go in that direction.
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    These green case rumours were disproved about year ago.
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    (I use the FM radio at the gym to listen to the TV, so using bluetooth + FM radio together would be a godsend).

    How's that work? Do the gym stations have FM signals?
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    I think its silly to have a camera on the nano that small, obviously the only use it'll get is from perverts doing up skirts.

    The update needed the most in my opinion is the battery, the iPod Nano hasn't received a battery improvement since the 2nd generation was released 6 years ago?

    I wouldn't mind if it fattened it a bit to make it last longer.

    Bluetooth is long overdue but the battery would be a issue for it since the nano barely hits advertising battery life as is the blue tooth would suck it dry.
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    I hope it doesn't have a camera. Use the space for something else IMO.
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    Yep, just flashlight would be more useful than 1.3MP camera.

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