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New Ipod Shuffle

Discussion in 'iPod' started by brn2ski00, Sep 2, 2009.

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    Does anyone own the new 4GB Shuffle w/ voice commands?!

    I have only seen one in the wild, but none for sale in the Marketplace or any refurbs at the Apple Store.

    What gives, I love how cool it looks :cool:
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    It looks cool, but I think it sucks in every way.

    Annoying to use since you need the Apple headphones… A big [small] mess.
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    I find it funny how people complain so much about the shuffle. (It's the 3rd gen btw)

    It does what it's suppose to, play music without a screen with voice control.

    If the earphones bother you, get a 10 dollar warranty on the iPod. That way for a whole year, if you messup your earphones, you can return them without a problem.

    I have one, and the only problems I found is the choppiness, awkward inccorect pronunciation, and the randomly accented voice overs. For instance, an artist I listen to covers one of his songs in Japanese. The VoiceOver kit picks this up.

    So instead of saying:

    "Kai-Sui" (in a Japanese accent) "Sonny" (in accentless English)

    It will say:

    "Kai-Sui" (in a Japanese accent) "Sonny" (in a Japanese accent)

    It's also the problem with a lot of foreign artists. (The German accent voice is freaking hilarious, if anyone wants a quick laugh)
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    so I take it you have one?
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    I had one but went back to my 1gb 2G model. It just didn't fit my needs at all. I like the Shuffle for its robustness, but the 3G with its headphone controls makes it feel a little weaker. I much prefer the 2G and when mine dies I'll be hunting for another.
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    Small, cheap, Its ideal for the gym.. and for the commute on the days where I know I'm not coming home until I'm gished.

    I'd buy one.

    Hell, I did
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    Yessir I do.
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    Loved the 2G (used for two years+) and I like the 3G but the headphones are ********. The first pair broke on my very first workout (maybe water/sweat got in it and shorted it?) and my second one (after dealing with Apple sending out and receiving new ones) just broke mid-workout maybe a month after receiving it.

    The play/pause button gets stuck, then the volume buttons don't work, and the songs pause/voiceover randomly. so very frustrating.

    **** apple's new shuffle. i'll be scouring for a 2G one because my new 3G 4GB ipod is worthless and i'm over these ****** headphones.
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    I love the new form factor of the 3rd Generation, but the headphones can take a long walk off a short pier...

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