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NEW iPod soon???

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by yzedf, Mar 4, 2003.

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    So I am guessing that there will be a new iPod, new iTunes, and the new DL'able music service all announced (and available) together, right? A new service with better software (free update for 'older' iPod and iTunes) and new hardware to use it. That could be a winning combination that keeps Apple ahead of the posers in the hdd based mp3 player crowd.
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    Re: NEW iPod soon???

    This would be my guess as well. I wonder how much smaller AAC would make my music library. I don't think it would be worth going through my CD colleciton again. Although if the sound quality is all it is supposed to be, I can see doing new CDs that way, and maybe redoing CDs as I have time or more likely as I want to change what is on my iPod.
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    Re: NEW iPod soon???

    I think your right about releasing everything together. It would be a very smart move. Here are my predictions:

    On Tuesday, April 1, 2003 we will see:
    1. Apple Music Service.
    2. iTunes 4.
    3. New iPod(s).
    4. Software Update For Old iPod(s).
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    I sure hope

    that getting licenses for music signed is not what's delaying the new iPods. At this point, claims of high holiday demand (or just high demand) cannot explain the absence of a 5 gb ipod.
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    Re: NEW iPod soon???

    Oh what a day that would be.........

    What about if iTunes 4 had a special way of converting all your MP3s and replacing them with the AAC files... (and not just the standard converter)

    It would save a lot of space (wouldnt really affect sound quality if they were already recorded).

    Anyways.. I wonder will apple just have AAC files on the music sharing thing or will ya get MP3 as well.. i think the copyright thing might be an issue.
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    Re: I sure hope

    Well, the possible conclusion for that would be that Apple assumed the 5 gig wouldn't sell well during the holidays, and was discontinuing them, so they didn't have a bunch in stock. Over the holidays, they sold like hot cakes, so it depleated stocks for them before the updates were planned.
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    Re: Re: NEW iPod soon???

    Actually anytime you convert something from one compressed format to another, you lower the quality of sound. The same is true with images as well.

    So, I do not consider this an option.

    And as for the space issue, I don't care about it on the Mac, I have plenty of disk space. On an iPod, it's an issue, which is why I might do things slowly.
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    this is getting stupid, why does apple not just release the ****ing ipods, i have been waiting along with other people. With all of the god damn waiting we better get a awesome price drop and something better than that stainless **** thats on the back that scratches so ****ing easily!!!!
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    After all the time we've waited for an iPod refresh, would you really believe an April Fools Day launch?
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    I think that it is time for an update too. Some people, including me, have been waiting since before MWSF for the updates. I think that it would be a good idea, though, if Apple released a Music Service, iTunes 4, and iPods on the same day. Hopefully, iPod updates will come soon!
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    I am hoping that iPods will be updated before then, but I guess that I can wait until April 1. Do you not think Apple would not release something on April Fool's Day, because it would be April Fool's Day?
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    sorry, I hit quote instead of edit....delete this post please.

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